Teff Love: Adventures in Vegan Ethiopian Cooking

vegan, gluten-free, Ethiopian Cooking, Ethiopian, Eritrean, vegan, wot, alicha, cookbook, kittee berns, blog, injera, teff, berbere   vegan, gluten-free, Ethiopian Cooking, Ethiopian, Eritrean, vegan, wot, alicha, cookbook, kittee berns, blog, injera, teff, berbere  vegan, gluten-free, Ethiopian Cooking, Ethiopian, Eritrean, vegan, wot, alicha, cookbook, kittee berns, blog, injera, teff, berbere
teff injera enjera vegan gluten-free ethiopian wot

Teff Love was published in early 2015, and is a 192 page cookbook dedicated to one of my favorite cuisines on Earth--Ethiopian Food. The recipes inside Teff Love are made from easy to find unprocessed ingredients, such as whole grains, legumes, vegetables and spices. Most of the recipes are also soy-free, and only one recipe in the book includes gluten (which I included as a protein option for those who enjoy it).

In general, the recipes in Teff Love can be grouped into four categories:
1. Popular fasting (vegan) dishes commonly found in Ethiopian/Eritrean restaurants across North America.
2. Traditional, but less common fasting recipes that readers who dine in Ethiopian restaurants might not be familiar with.
3. Traditional Ethiopian recipes I've vegan-ized or embellished with a creative spin.
4. "Fusion" recipes, which contain Ethiopian flavors I've added to non traditional foods.

The biggest question I get from folks considering Teff Love is whether the book calls for hard to find spices. When I was writing the book, I tried really hard to make the recipes as accessible and grocery store friendly as possible. Most of the harder to find spices are listed as optional throughout the book, but are easy to find if you have access to an Ethiopian or Indian market. They're also easy to order online. Lots more details on the spice which and whats are detailed inside the book.

veggie awards cookbook of the year ethiopian vegan

Teff Love was voted Cookbook of the Year 2015 by the Editors at VegNews!! You can read about it in the November-December holiday issue. I'm still reeling from being awarded this honor, and am utterly pleased and excited that these recipes are being enjoyed by vegans and omnivores alike.

Teff Love was also listed as one of the best cookbooks of 2015 by Powell's Books!

beets ethiopian injera enjera alicha alecha vegan
Pickled beet and potato salad, homemade cheese, stewed cabbage and split peas with a toasted sunflower seed milk.
Here are photos of a small sampling of recipes from Teff Love. For more information about the book, the "Look Inside" feature on Amazon (affiliate link), is very helpful. 

beets ethiopian injera enjera alicha alecha vegan shimbra asa
Scrambled chickpea tofu, split peas, and chickpea flour crackers in a spicy onion sauce.
More recipes and info you can find about vegan Ethiopian cooking on my blog:

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Photos of dishes from the book. Here, herehere, and here.
Teff Love page on Facebook

beets ethiopian injera enjera alicha alecha vegan wot
Homemade 100% teff injera.
Below are detailed reviews, from the Teff Love blog tour, which often include a recipe from Teff Love and additional photos. I'm also pleased to answer any questions you might have. I respond the quickest to email (linked in the top right of the blog), but will respond ASAP to any questions posted here as well.

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Thanks for considering Teff Love, I hope you'll purchase a copy and taste some of my favorite foods on the planet.



  1. I want to purchase Teff Love from your website but when I click on the image it takes me to Amazon. Do you still get a commission on that purchase?

    1. You're so nice!! If you're in PDX I can sell you one directly. Otherwise yes--through that Amazon link, I get a small commission. Thanks so much!

  2. Just purchased. Thanks so much for all the time and delicious energy you pour into your blog. Am looking forward to lovin' Teff Love.

    1. I hope you love it! Thanks so much for your support. <3

  3. This is so exciting! A friend was just ogling my copy of Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food, and I thought I'd check to see if you'd printed another batch of that so I could get him a copy, and instead I find this! I think I have to get one for each of us. :)

  4. Kittee, I LOVE your Teff Love cookbook. For years I had searched for a cookbook so I could make Ethiopian food at home. I always feel healthy and energized after eating this cuisine. Anyway, I came across yours on Amazon and ordered it. That was more than a year ago. Just this week, after my spices arrived (a great source is www.worldspice.com) I launched into the adventure, making my infused oil and my ground spice mixture. I still haven't mastered the names of all this yet! I am so happy with the results! Oh my, it tastes as good as what I remember at the Blue Nile in Los Angeles, and Bole Ethiopian Restaurant in Atlanta, and Queen of Sheba in Washington, DC. I am working my way through the recipes and enjoying every bite. I also love that the dishes are healthy and vegan. I am so thankful that you shared your expertise with us in this cookbook, Kittee.

    By the way, here's a link to a great article about the Ethiopian food and community in Washington, DC.

    1. Hello!
      Thanks for your sweet comment and link! My mom saves me all the comings and goings from the Washington Post, too! :)

      I'm so glad you're enjoying the recipes!


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