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In the spring of '07, while walking to school barefooted in the snow, I dreamt about compiling recipes from my vegan recipe collection into a more tangible incarnation.  I wanted something I could make myself, to share with others and to drag into the kitchen.  It also had to be something  I could get dirty and slap on the counter besides my laptop, because that wasn't working out too well.

Thus, on one fine Fall afternoon, Papa Tofu came into the world, sliding out of the internet and into a waiting tub of warm Epsom water.

The 76 paged booklet was filled with all sorts of veganized and original recipes like Crispy Crunchy Stuffed Tofu and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Besides stuffed-stuff, the cook-zine had other recipes too, like a small Ethiopian section, some New Orleans favorites and a too-big section on sweets. 

I got inspired to start on another recipe project--this time focusing solely on recipes from NOLA, since there can never be too many veganized classics from the Crescent City--vegan etouffee, smothered vegetables and red beans tend to be a very under represented demographic.

Then tragedy struck, and I went gluten-free.  The horror.  Overnight, working on this project got exponentially more difficult, what with all the seitan and roux filled sauces, and I taste when I cook.  A lot.  Top this roller coaster-y learning curve with river rats making house in our oven followed by a big family move across The States to Oregon.  Well I'm sure you can imagine,  the book idea got shoved in the trunk, along with all the completed recipes including xgfx sausage balls, Grillades and Grits and an improved King Cake dough towing a million variations behind including Strawberry Cheezecake. 

I thought a new but smaller project would be less daunting and spring me back into kitchen activity.  My answer was to shoot for another zine, but this time something showcasing all the vegan and gluten-free stuff I love to eat.  As I worked on my ideas, the Ethiopian section took over, getting bigger 'n' bigger, until I realized it was large enough to start borrowing my car.

Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food emerged as an 86 paged compilation demanding a bigger allowance and lots of carpools to the P.O.  This "cooklet" is filled with recipes for all my favorite Ethiopian dishes, plus a few new ones I free-styled like Black Eyed Pea Sausages in a spicy red gravy with okra.  Oh yes.

The other completed recipes from this project still live on--tons o' Vietnamese, a huge new lot of  NOLA creations, Indian dishes, Latin inspired stuff, bread-y things, snacks and desserts.  There's so much to be unveiled and shared and my plan is to mold them into one last xgfx zine.  This last incarnation will offer not only these recipes, but also tips and information on gluten-free happiness.

I'm not sure when I'll get it finished, but hopefully it'll be time for the winter holidays, if'n I can stop obsessing over Fruit Ninja. 



  1. Ok Papa Tofu I would like to order your Etheopian and your vegan cook-zenes but i can't seem to find any place to do this!!!!!

    Please tell me how to find what I need to do to get these fun looking food thingies!

    Hugs Vona

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    1. here!


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