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48 and great.
Hey Bubs! I know a lot of you have known me for a looooOOOng time, and maybe know as much about me as my mom Wendy. But still, I thought it'd be fun if I rewrote my "about" page, since I haven't updated it in a long time and am in the mood to over-share.

Me-me-me: I'm going to be 48 in April, which makes me a Taurus, and to save you the math, I was born in the late 60s. Since this is mostly a vegan food blog, I'm very proud to say I've been an ethical vegan for 25 years (thank you for writing Diet for a New America, John Robbins). You might notice that I also sometimes double-space between sentences, although I'm working on that, but I grew up on typewriters, so give an old lady a break.

I currently live in Portland, OR with my main squeeze Dazee AKA DZ, AKA Mr. Kittee, and our beloved dog Vee, or Vee-7 Berns-Kerns when he's in trouble. We moved here from New Orleans, where we lived for 8 years (four before Katrina/The Federal Levee Failures, and four afterwards). That's a whole other blog.

Me and my fuzzy little bank robber!!
I started this blog, Cake Maker to the Stars, in 2007, after a few years on Live Journal, and after running a little vegan recipe corner on the now defunct Mr. Ridiculous, which turned into PakuPaku. When I'm in the mood, I love to create new vegan recipes, and I'm always up for eating. I'm pretty obsessed with food actually, and often trail off to sleep concocting up projects in my head. Generally, I wish my friends cooked for me more, but truly with my diet these days, UGH.

I grew up in the DC area and my entire family still lives there. Even though I love living on the west coast, I wish I could squish this country together to make getting to the other coast faster and easier.

I have a Master's degree in Education and used to teach Montessori school to the littles. I also worked in the natural food industry for about 13 years, but I haven't done either of those things for a long while now. Sometimes I miss both, but usually I don't. Most recently, I wrote a cookbook called Teff Love, [affiliate link] which won VegNews Magazine's book of the year in 2015! It's filled with my take on Ethiopian food. You can read more about it and see links to many reviews here!

Digging around thrift stores and estate sales is one of my most favorite things to do, and besides hoarding Pyrex, vintage Japanese treasures, vintage fabric and old sewing patterns, I also love to make things. Knitting, crochet and sewing are at the top of the list.

Soaking up the azaleas in DC, last spring.
I've been vegan for over half my life (26 years!), and I firmly believe I've kept on course so long for 2 main reasons. The first is because I'm passionate about why I'm vegan [animals! environment! me!], and because I've always enjoyed a really diverse and interesting diet. While I eat pretty healthy stuff--mostly whole grains, legumes, lots of produce and many nuts, I also prepare food with plenty of healthy fats, and I let myself indulge. The key to keeping veganism sustainable for the long run is to not overly restrict, because when that happens it becomes a diet and DIETS SUCK. Veganism is the way I choose to live my life, not a way I have to live my life.

I do refrain from certain foods (I've been off gluten since '08 and refined sugar since '15), but only because avoiding these foods dramatically helps me manage some chronic health issues. One being a sorta scary auto immune disease called Spondyloarthropathy, which manifests as arthritis in my spine (SI joints). I don't recommend restricting unless you have to! It not only makes me sad, but pretty much ruins everything fun for my close friends, too. Good news is I recently started on a drug called Low Dose Naltrexone, which is really helping so much. But that's also for a different blog.

Anyway, I think that's enough of a Kittee-Puke for the time being. Thanks for visiting my little crumb of the internet!

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xo kittee

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