Monday, March 21, 2016

Use Up the Lefties Tempeh Curry Salad.

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No one even has to know it was made from a really depressed square of tempeh.
The fridge was suddenly filling up with a lot of mismatched odds and ends, and the sad little piece of tempeh I'd thrown in there on Saturday, was pleading with me every time the door was open. It was also drying up by the minute, because I chucked it in there unwrapped!! :(((

SO, I did what I always do with tempeh. I made haste and threw together a quick salad (it really was fast--the tempeh was already steamed!).

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Tempeh Curry Salad
Makes however much you want.
Sawwy! This salad came together so fast, nothing got measured.

But honestly, tempeh salad is yummiest when made on the fly and seasoned to taste as it's thrown together. And obviously, you gotta add apples, right Abby?

What You Need:
♥ Apple, diced
♥ Green onion or fresh chives, minced
♥ Kidney beans
♥ Chopped parsley
♥ Raisins
♥ Steamed tempeh, diced
♥ Chopped walnuts, optional

♥ Vegenaise
♥ Rice vinegar or lemon juice
♥ Curry powder (or throw in some turmeric, cayenne, onion granules, coriander, etc.)
♥ Salt
♥ Freshly ground black pepper

What You Do:
In a bowl, toss together the apple, green onion, beans, parsley, raisins, tempeh and walnuts, if using.

In a small bowl, mix together a dollop of Vegenaise with a little vinegar or lemon juice. Add curry powder to taste along with salt and black pepper.

Toss the salad with dressing, adjust the flavors to taste, and shove it into a collard leaf or make some whoppers!

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  1. YUm! I have the funniest mix of stuff in the fridge left over from my NoRouz preparations - tons of herbs, some beet greens and beets, a little veggie broth, half of a silken tofu... I'm gonna have to do a fridge night too! except, you're way better at it than I am! Wish me luck! <3

    ps. you asked me about the plantain tortillas from The Taco Cleanse. Highly recommended! They are really just made with plantains, and that is what they taste like. They're a tiny bit sweet from the plantains, but with the right combo they are really great.

    1. You could make a nice salad with the beets and greens and use the tofu to make a dressing with some of the herbs and a little cashew and lime juice!

      Love you.

  2. Like an Indonesian take on a Waldorf salad, I totally dig this!

    1. I'm making a bigger batch tomorrow and will use the cashew curry sauce from Salad Samurai instead of mayo.



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