Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mardi Gras! New Orleans Style Vegan King Cakes.

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apple praline vegan king cake
Apple-Praline King Cake!  Illustration above, by Amey!
Carnival season starts today, which means the King Cake window is officially open until February 9th. Better get baking and celebrating!

If you've no idea what I'm talking about-- King Cake is a New Orleans delicacy that's shared and eaten among friends during Carnival Season. They're made from a brioche or cinnamon roll type dough, that's stuffed with all manner of things from cinnamon and walnuts, to fruit pie-like fillings, to lemon custard. The New Orleans way is to coat them in a sugar glaze and then sprinkle them with tons of glittery sugar in Mardi Gras colors. A symbolic Baby Jesus is usually hidden inside too, and whoever gets the slice with christ, is meant to bring a new King Cake to the next party.

Finding VKK (vegan King Cake), can be challenging, so most of my vegan friends make and bake!

I wanted to share all the links I've squirreled away:
❤ Standard Vegan King Cake (gluten-strong) 
❤ Peanut Butter Cup King Cake (gluten-strong)
❤ Peanut Butter Cup King Cake (gluten-free)
❤ Apple-Praline King Cake (gluten-strong)
❤ Scott and Jenn's King Cakes are here and here.

I'll be back in a couple of weeks with whatever crazy VKK I come up with for Dazee this year.

peanut butter cup vegan king cake
Peanut Butter Cup VKK 2013 edition
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  1. I didn't know that the colors of the cake represented virtues, that's really cool! Now whether to make the gluten-free one for my own self interest or the glutenous one for everyone else- ah the delicious decisions ;) Merry, Happy Carnival!

    1. Thanks!! The gluten-free cake is sorta a lot of work, so I'll be sticking to making cakes I can't eat this year. <3

  2. I'm in the mood to bake, maybe I'll actually do a VKK this year for my coworkers!

    1. Yay! We can do one together when I come if you want.

  3. Yay!! I make your king cake every year for the office, and they always tell me it's so much better than any other king cake they've had! I'm super-excited that the season comes early this year, bc I'm doing the whole no white sugar/no gluten thing in January. But Fat Tuesday (when I always bring the cake) falls right after my diet ends, so it'll be extra special. I think I'll make your PB Cup cake this year because I haven't tried it yet. And because peanut butter cup!

  4. Your king cake looks awesome :)!


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