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DIY Vegan Book Tour--Review, Recipe, and Giveaway!!

Gushes upon gushes of gush. Beware, many pictures forthcoming.
Photos above courtesy of DIY Vegan by Nicole Axworthy. 
When I heard from Julie, that DIY Vegan was out, I raced to my computer to email the authors, Lisa Pitman (Vegan Culinary Crusade) and Nicole Axworthy (A Dash Of Compassion)--begging to join their blog tour. I knew I'd love this book, because I make most of the kitchen staples we use in the Berns-Kerns pad, plus I knew these recipes would be light on the gluten and the refined sugars. 

I truly haven't been this goo-goo over a book in a really long time. The book arrived on my porch just before Thanksgiving, and since it's joined my family, I've been cooking from it constantly.

So far I've made the Date and Fig Cashew Cheese, Coconut Bacon Bits, L.P.'s Worcestershire Sauce, Sweet Ginger Stir-Fry Sauce, Strawberry Chia Jam, Spice it Up Tortilla Chips, Sweet Potato Hummus, Quick Caramel Sauce, and Tahini. 

I ran out of time to cram them into this post, but I have big plans to make more recipes too. Specifically the Nacho Sauce, which is made from sweet potatoes and white beans (sorta similar to my Squeeze Me sauce), and the Chocolate Buckwheat Crunch cereal speak to me, but there are loads more I plan to try.

Some of the loot I've made from DIY Vegan.
The saucer hiding on the far left is filled with homemade Worcestershire Sauce.
I could sorta gush about the recipes I've made forever, but one of the real stars for me has been the Stir-Fry Sauce, which I'm so happy to have permission to share below.

I'm always looking for vegetable heavy dinners to make, and stir-fry has been completely missing from my radar, since I never found a sauce I like. The sauce in DIY Vegan is SO GOOD, I had it for dinner three nights in a row, and have aspirations to get bok choy-y this week too. You can switch it up all sorts of ways, with cashews, or pineapple, but the focus is pure vegetable heaven, especially over some short grain brown rice. I found a little shortcut from the book, too. Instead of cooking the sauce separately, I mix in the arrowroot and just pour it directly on top of my cooked veggies. It only takes a second to thicken in the saucepan.
Sweet Ginger Stir-Fry Sauce
Reprinted from DIY Vegan. Copyright (c) 2015 Nicole Axworthy and Lisa Pitman. Published by St. Martin's Griffin
Makes 1 1/2 cups (enough for 3 stir-frys)

One of the easiest ways to increase your vegetable consumption is to add a stir-fry to your weekly meal plan. But pass up the shelf-stable bottles with the ingredient lists you'd rather ignore, and create your own ready-to-go, sauce-sweet ginger goodness. This recipe makes enough suace for three batches of stir-fry.

What You Need:
♥ 1/3 cup Bragg Liquid Aminos or tamari
♥ 1/4 cup pure maple syrup
♥ 2 cloves garlic, minced
♥ 2 tablespoons mirin (Kittee note--I subbed white wine)
♥ 1 tablespoon finely grated fresh ginger
♥ 2 teaspoons blackstrap molasses
♥ 2 teaspoons toasted sesame oil
♥ 2 teaspoons fresh lime juice
♥ 1 1/2 tablespoons arrowroot powder

What You Do:
1. Combine all the ingredients, except for the arrowroot powder, with 1/2 cup water in a small airtight container. Shake it to mix well. Store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

2. When you're ready to make a stir-fry, in a small saucepan, just before you turn on the heat, mix sauce and arrowroot, using 1/2 tablespoon of arrowroot powder for each 1/2 cup of sauce. Stir until all the lumps are dissolved. Bring the sauce to a boil over medium heat and cook until it thickens.

3. Saute your favorite VIPS--very important plants (e.g., mushrooms, bell peppers, broccoli, bok choy, watercress, cashews, mung bean sprouts). Once everything is heated through, pour the sauce over your veggies and stir until everything is coated and glistening in all that goodness. Serve warm.

Coconut Bacon Bits.
This was my first time making coconut bacon, and these came out great. If I can stop eating these by the handful, they'll go on top of salad (I also used some to sprinkle atop a casserole of Mac 'n' Cheesie I made for Dazee over the holiday).

Date and Fig Cashew Cheese. It'd go so well on a cheese board with a friend, some olives, and a pile of homemade crackers (lots of recipes for these inside, which I'm about to hop on top of).
The Date and Fig Cashew Cheese was easy to make, but did take a few days because it's fermented and then air-dried. I popped mine into a dehydrator on a low temperature, to helps speed things along.

Besides getting married to the Stir-Fry Sauce, I really love how pantry friendly these recipes are (if you have a well stocked hippy kitchen). Only a few recipes call for cane sugar, and in the tortilla chip recipe, I was able to sub out the cane for coconut sugar with great results. If you're gluten-free, most if not all of the recipes that call for gluten also offer a GF option.

Strawberry Chia Jam made lickety split from frozen strawberries.

Peanut Butter Freezer Cup filled with Strawberry Chia Jam.
Of course, the first thing I did once I made the strawberry chia jam and the caramel sauce was to shove them both into their own freezer cups. The caramel was especially great turned into a turtle cup with a walnut, but I also tucked some into chocolate cups alongside a little peanut butter and they were knock outs, too.

Quick Caramel Sauce transformed into mostly raw chocolate turtle cups. I heart you too, little walnut.

Nicole, Lisa and their publisher, St. Martin's Griffin, have offered a free copy of DIY Vegan to one of my readers in either Canada, or the U.S. To win a copy, please simply leave a comment on this post, with an easy way to reach you, and I'll randomly pick a winner one week from today (be sure to comment by 10 PM PST on December 14th, to be eligible).

The winner is Shannonc, comment number two!

Date and Fig Cashew Cheese.
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Disclaimer:  I requested and received a free review copy of DIY Vegan from St Martin's Griffin.  No compensation or gift was exchanged for this review, and the awesome opinion posted here is my own.


  1. This book looks awesome! I'm interested to see how it compares to Miyoko Schinner's vegan pantry book- maybe a little simpler, which would be good :) smaksimo at g mail

    1. I haven't spent much time with Miyoko's book, but I don't think there is a huge overlap. DIY Vegan sorta focuses on easy, healthy pantry staples, and then has recipes to show you how to use them.

  2. Everything looks amazing - I'd love to win! shannonc at jhu dot edu

    1. You won! I'm emailing you now! Congrats, this is a great book!

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    1. They take about ten minutes to make, once you have the filling cold. Imma post about them soon, it's sorta ridiculous how good they are.

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