Saturday, November 21, 2015

LaRitzy's Vegan Beauty Box

I've never subscribed to any sort of monthly box before. For lots of different reasons, but mostly because I'm way too cheap to spend money on surprises I might not like. I'm sorta a really picky one, which is why I usually beg for gift cards or cash around my bee-day. 

Recently, two companies offered to send me a free box to review, and I thought it'd be fun to see what the hubbub is all about--I agreed to post a review of each. 

The first box to land on my doorstep was from the vegan beauty box company LaRitzy
Makeup boxes have always intrigued me in a way that snack box subscriptions don't. On one hand, I'm afraid to spend money on cosmetics I might not like or know how to use, but on the other hand I LOVE the idea of a curated box that someone else has vetted to be cruelty-free and vegan. I find searching and researching for vegan body care products to be an unholy, frustrating and challenging chore (parent companies who test can suck it), so if someone is willing to do the hard work for me, I'm game as long as I like the products.

The LaRitzy November box came filled with four different products, plus info cards (some with pretty good discounts for ordering more, in case I get attached), all packaged in easy to recycle, compostable materials.

Ritzy LaRitzy: the products I received were generous portions.

Here's what was in the November box I received:

I was happy to find the products I received to be really high quality and generously sized, although I have a learning curve to overcome with the pressed blush and setting powder, since I don't have brushes for those (and haven't worn blush since high school/1985 ((not joking)). I'm most excited about the face scrub and collagen booster since they're products I can start using right away, with or without makeup.

I only wish LaRitzy was more inclusive and didn't push the "girly" so much. Their mission "to show women that cruelty-free beauty products are the way to go," is a great message, but could easily (and I hope will be) changed to include everyone who enjoys beauty products, not just those who identify as a lady.

According to their site, LaRitzy is $24.99 a month (or, if you subscribe for longer periods the price per month drops a bit), and I was told the November box I received is valued over $100. They're also on InstagramFacebook and Twitter, if you want to check out more about them.

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Disclaimer: I received a free November vegan beauty box from LaRitzy. However, no other compensation or gift was exchanged for this review, and the fierce opinion posted here is my own.

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  1. The curated boxes are cool though the last time I wore makeup was three years ago as a bridesmaid for my sisters wedding. Her friend, a professional drag queen, did my face and had a three foot high tool box filled with makeup! I was in awe of all the colors and shimmers and pastes, though sadly I doubt any were vegan products. I did look pretty amazing when he was done. Makeup is totally fun for everyone. One day that three foot tall tool box will be cruelty free too!


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