Thursday, October 8, 2015

Winner Winner Jackfruit Dinner! CONTEST!

I'm proud to disclose Brian is my age inappropriate Vegan Crush (R). 
Being the internet tool that I am, I've been loving on Periscope lately. It's an app you use on your phone, tablet or whatevs to watch and interact with other people in real time. 

If you're really into peepin' into other people's living rooms you'll love it. There are all sorts of things to watch, like pageant girls showing off their gowns, or 20 somethings getting ready for bed and applying face masks, or guys laying in bed with their wives chatting with you while you look at their bedroom wall. It's an internet miracle. 

Free Beyond Meat coupons. Good in tacos.
But! Some folks are using it for really cool stuff. My favorite broadcaster is Brian Patton from The Sexy Vegan Radidio (you can listen to me talk about Teff Love on his podcast here).

For the last many weeks, Brian AKA The Sexy Vegan, has been running a vegan trivia gameshow on Thursdays at 7:45PM PST called Flex Your Foodie, where he's been giving away lots of prizes! I'm a FIVE TIME WINNER! I realllllllly like the show. If you wanna get in on the action, just download the app, and follow The Sexy Vegan. Be sure to set your notifications to alert you when he goes live, so you don't forget like I did for two weeks in a row.

The cutest packaging of all time. On sandwiches! Salads! Tacos! Even over rice.
I know you wanna know what I've won so far:
1. A Beyond Meat tee-shirt and lots of coupons for free Beyond Meat products.
2. All the Go Max Go chocolate bars (that was a fun week).
3. Dandies PUMPKIN marshmallows!
4. And boxes and boxes of Upton Natural's brand-new Jackfruit Carnitas and BBQ.

In fact, I've won Upton's twice now, on two separate oaccasions. 
Once for me and once for you!!! 
If you live in the U.S. and you wanna try some for yourself, leave me a comment below and tell me something I don't know. Or make me feel good about something. Your pick.

Brian needs to let Upton's know who the winner is by this coming Monday, so I'm giving you jokers until midnight PST on Sunday October 11th to comment below. I'll pick my favorite comment, and Upton's will send you my prizes, which I believe are a box of each flavor.

Shelf stable bar-b-que, for when your inlaws pop in unexpectantly.
Or for your earthquake preparedness box of worry.
I don't think I have any disclosures to share. I won some prizes from Brian via Upton's Naturals, and I'm offering them to one winner here. Nothing shady going on, just the funz.


  1. This summer I made vegan jackfruit pulled pork & grits for an intergenerational brunch of 60+ queer folks in New Orleans...and I won over die hard Louisiana meat eaters! Also, Kittee is a vegan goddess with great style to boot and is great at instagram. (plus shouldn't i get bonus points for first comment??)

    1. Possible first comment bonus points, yes!

    2. Winner winner winner!!! Congrats!!!!

  2. An Upton's Haiku

    You glorious plank
    That bacon made of seitan
    Piggy glee worldwide

  3. Your oven fried tofus (as a sammie) or dressed po boys from Papa Tofu get requested more than any other meal by my 15 year old son. Doesn't that make you feel GOOD? And he makes a big batch of your tempeh salad to take with him to boy scout camp every summer.


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