Sunday, February 8, 2015

Teff Love Launch Party and Virtual Tour!

Up, up, up and away!
Michelle dressed for partying in a cute little scalloped wrap skirt I made for her, when we first landed in PDX.
My brand new Ethiopian cookbook baby, Teff Love has been out for a couple of weeks, and things have been busy and fun! It's slowly getting stocked into stores, and right now it's available from all the regular online places you'd expect to find books. If you can't find it in the local bookstore where you like to shop, please help me build a demand for it by requesting it!

Also, if you want more info about the book, the virtual book tour starts tomorrow (scroll to the end of this post for the calendar)!! Folks will be posting about Teff Lurve for the next three months with pictures and experiences cooking from it.

Here's where you can find Teff Love online:
Amazon (this is an affiliate link where I make a small commission)

This week, my friends over at Herbivore hosted a book launch to help me celebrate Teff Love's release. Michelle and Amy both helped me whip up food for the event, plus I bought the most delicious XGFX injera from Emame's for showcasing a few warm recipes from the book.

We also helped raise almost $50 dollars to send to Born Free, a UK based organization campaigning to help save the wild Ethiopian wolf. Sadly this beautiful animal is quickly facing extinction (there are only 500 wolves left in the wild).

Dolloping wot.
Me, wearing a fancy new vintage frock I sewed for the occasion--Simplicity 8612. Plus one of the only surviving photos of Somer's cheese ball. I adapted her recipe by culturing the cheese and modifying the flavors to have some Ethiopian flare. One was seasoned with berbere, and the other with a mild, minced jalapeno. They flew, so I will be sharing my adaptions soon!

All the things.
Roasted chickpeas in little cups, Ethiopian Style Hummus (made from toasted sunflower seeds), pure teff injera with misser wot and kik alicha, Special Kitfo (soft cheese and seasoned roasted beets), Mac 'n' Cheesie and Teff Snickerdoodles.

Emame's pure teff injera is so good! Topped with Ye'misser Wot and Ye'kik Alicha.

Starting tomorrow and running through April, Teff Love is going on a virtual blog tour! I'm super excited to see what folks will be writing and saying about the book, and also chewing on my knuckles in anticipation. Because WHOA.

I'll be posting updates as the tour progresses, but here's the calendar so you can follow along!

Hipster Food-February 9th.
Vegansaurus--February 12th.
Cadry's Kitchen--February 17th.
Windy City Vegan--February 19th.
Dianne's Vegan Kitchen--February 24th.

Vegan Miam--March 1st.
Vedged Out--March 4th.
Olives for Dinner--March 8th.
Vegan Richa--March 15th.
A (Soy) Bean--March 20th.
Vegan Runner Eats--March 26th.

Vegan Crunk--April 2nd.
An Unrefined Vegan--April 8th.
Bonzai Aphrodite--April 15th.
Allyson Kramer--April 29th.



  1. Oh wow! My heart just exploded into a billion tiny pieces that you raised money for the Ethiopian wolves!! I'm still trying to decided how to pick up your book, where I live I have to order it. I like that you get a commission from amazon but I wouldn't go that route otherwise, I'd love to buy it from Herbivore -where I got Papatofu! two years ago- but I won't be there till October and can't wait that long. I'll ask the new bookstore in town if they'll carry it. Looking forward to following the tour!

    1. where are you? I can always mail you one if you don't mind paying for shipping!

    2. Kittee, -xox- you are a champ!

      I'm in Canada, British Columbia to be exact. Turns out the release date up here isn't till March. I went to the new books shop in town and ordered it through her. I'm super stoked cause she said she'd pick up extra copies for her store! I mentally thumb licked a vegan gold star for her shop :) Now I just have to bide my time in Anti-ca---pation!

  2. Just ordered mine through Herbivore Amazon! Muah!

  3. So excited to be participating in the blog tour, Kittee! I've been cooking up an Ethiopian storm at home, and every recipe is a hit! Plus, I've figured out a couple tricks to make the injera perfect every time, can't wait to share them soon!

  4. Yay!!!! Can't wait until April for my turn on the tour. I am excited to try your injera recipe and SO MUCH MORE!!!!

  5. Yay! An official tour!

    For the warm-up, TOFU Magazine has a fantastic review (if I do say so myself), published Feb 2!

    Congrats Kittee!

    1. of course! if you click on the media link at the top of the blog, it's listed!

    2. Oh, wow, I'm media! I should craft myself a pass :)
      You're welcome! And your launch at Hipster looks delicious and super fun. May all other launches be just as fun and delicious!


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