Friday, January 2, 2015

Earth Burgers Cart! Review!

L to R
PDmeX on a Happy Camper GF bun, hand cut fries, and the American Grafitti on a locally made gluten-y bun.
I haven't heard many folks talking about the Earth Burgers cart, but it's one of my favorite places to grab a burger and fries in PDX. And, since vegan and gluten-free burgers are a hard ticket to find, I crave them even more than other sorts of food and love hitting this place. 

The cart is located at the Tidbit Food-Farm-Nursery cart pod located at SE Division and 28th. And just so ya know, the pod has a dog-friendly covered eating area with warming poles, so don't let 47F hold you back wimpies.

Here's a few reasons I'm lovin' on Earth Burgers:
All of the burgers and sauces are XGFX.

 They have local buns for gluteneers and Happy Campers XGFX buns for only a dollar extra.

 The fries are handcut and my favorite sort--seasoned just a little tiny bit and slightly crisp on the outside with soft centers.

 The owners carefully source the ingredients (check their about page for details) and use organic spices and greens.

My delightfully manicured accomplice.
The burgers are obviously very tasty too, and stacked mile high. My favorites are anything with the housemade black bean and sweet potato patty--which equals the American Graffiti or the PDmeX (PdmeX usually wins tho, 'cuz avocado salsa and pickled jalapenos are hard to beat).

Tomatillo-Avocado  Peek-a-Boo.
I might venture to try the Beautiful South next, but once I know I love something, it's hard to get me to switch over to try something I might not like as much (even if it means I might possibly like it more).

Seriously, if you like burgers and fries, you should visit these nice folks!

Earth Burgers
At the Food Carts located at
SE Division and 28th Street
Portland, OR



  1. Cool! I'll hit them up when I'm in town for the next Lovecraft festival :)

  2. Oh man this looks amazing. I miss living in PDX. I need to get back asap.


  3. [ Smiles ] It looks most delicious!


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