Monday, October 13, 2014

Kombucha-ing Part II: Tea Bags.

My current favorite flavors. On the left chai and on the right lemon-rose. So booooooobly.
A wee little while ago, I wrote about my love for kombucha and the kitchen experiments I've been entertaining. For those of you who also brew the 'booch, I think I've stumbled onto something pretty awesome. 

To get the bag in the bottle, I just roll it up like a cigar and pop it in. I serve it with the teabag inside, and when the kombucha is gone, I pull it out. Make sure you take the bag out after the tea is gone, since it usually breaks and little pieces of herbs are annoying to strain out.
I've discovered a really awesome and easy way to flavor the kombucha during its second fermentation. Like really, really, really. I dare say I've been brewing tea that even beats good ol' Gee-Tee's.

After the first fermentation, transfer the kombucha into pop top bottles, as ya do. Add some julienned ginger to each bottle along with your favorite herbal/flavored tea in bag form. That's it! No fruit required. I leave mine on the counter for a few days usually, but even after one day the tea is strongly flavored and tasty. I also like the tang lemon juice provides, so depending on the flavor I add a few tablespoons of that to each bottle too.

Traditionally, brewing kombucha with herbal tea is a no-no since it makes Ol' Mother Scoby angry. But if you use the herbal tea during the second fermentation, when the culture is removed, no one gets grounded!

Here're my two favorite combos so far:
★ Chai: Ginger plus a rooibos chai tea bag.
The cloves and cinnamon in the chai make the kombucha taste so good!

★ Lemon-Rose: Ginger, lemon juice, hibiscus, with my favorite rose petal tea.
As you can see from the photos, the hibiscus does a nice job adding color.

Another cool thing about this method--the teabag tab sticks outside the bottle so when you're reaching into the fridge, you can see exactly what you've got. Since I'm too lazy to ever label my bottles, this means no more flavor surprises.

Yesterday I bottled up another batch and added a chamomile-lavender bag to a few bottles (with ginger, lemon, and hibiscus 'cuz this combo is great with floral flavors).

Let me know if you try and if you get any great results.


  1. Oh yeah, I think I know what to do with my luxurious three-week break between semesters. So glad you've hybridized Susan and Somer's kombutcha-ing and added your own flair!

  2. not to pat my own fat, but this makes the tastiest kombucha I've ever tasted!

  3. Tasted my first, home-brewed batch today using this teabag technique. DELICIOUS...! A keeper method for sure and I can't wait to try more herbal tea flavor combos...!

    1. oh goooood!!! i'm so glad to hear this.


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