Sunday, October 19, 2014

If the Fitfit Fits.

Pretty in Pyrex.
Proclamation! Teff Love: Adventures in Vegan Ethiopian Cooking should be available for pre-order in the next two weeks or so! The book's on target for a January release, and I couldn't be more excited. I'm actually really sick of following recipes off of Google Drive on my phone, and can't wait for my own hard copy to slam on the counter when I need an Ethiopian fix.

Ye'souf Fitfit and the headless sequined wonder, Leslie Hall.
One of my favorite eating discoveries in researching for the book was learning about rich nut/seed butter based injera dishes known as fitfit. Fitfit are basically bread salads made from torn injera doused in a sort of sauce or dressing. The tangy injera absorbs the sauce and becomes very soft resulting in an addictive and comforting dish. There's really nothing I can think of to compare it to in the North American diet--the closest being pasta salad or sesame/peanut noodles.

The ye'suf fitfit pictured above was made from 100% teff injera doused in a toasted sunflower seed sauce with jalapeno, green onion, salt, and chopped red bell pepper. Sometimes restaurants will offer fitfit as an appetizer made similarly to the one above, or mixed with lemon juice, onion, and chopped tomatoes.



  1. Sounds really good. Looking forward to the book!

  2. Mmm excited for your new book - love the Leslie Hall love!

  3. Ha! I think I have the recipe for kittee mac memorized, but other than that I'm definitely going to need this book.

  4. Don't badmouth the Googledrive; I'm obsessed (and the printouts, oh the printouts)! Can't wait for the book, though!!!


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