Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Salad Roll Whoppers 1.7

Polka Yums.
I'm on an elimination diet. I'm following the first step in a book that was recommended to me called The Immune System Recovery Plan. According to the book, you should give up dairy, gluten, corn, and soy for three weeks, then slowly re-introduce them into your diet to see how you feel. I'm also eating sorta low GI (glycemic index), but really I'm eating sweet things like fruit and a leeeetle brown rice syrup, but not eating any refined sugar what-so-ever. 

I don't think I have an issue with corn or soy (and obvs gluten and dairy are long gone), and I'm excited to embrace them back into my mouth-bits next week. In the meantime, I've been passing time without Soy Curls by eating a lot of overnight chia-oats, peanut butter, smoothies, and Salad Roll Whoppers. Today's was a dandy.

If you didn't know, I made a video with Everyday Dish TV to show how I roll and make these.
This here's a soy-free version that tastes grande.
Salad Roll Whoppers 1.7
Truly, the hardest thing about these is the prep. They're so healthy, filling, and good!
First you start with the basics of any self-respecting SRW:

 Throw a big-big-big handful of salad greens in a bowl and toss with rice vinegar (you can use seasoned rice vinegar if you're not a weirdo watching your sugar intact).

 Find a big collard leaf and cut the rib out, then quarter it.

★ Buy some really big rice paper wrappers. You'll need the largest size, which is 28cm. I like Five Ladies brand.

Watch the video I linked to above, since it'll show you how to set up your work station, soften the paper, fill the SRWs, and roll them up. You want these huge like a burrito.

PowerKraut! And, I'm painting my kitchen trim. And look! I won a fancy food processor, which I keep on the floor!
Awww! I fooled you. :(((  This really isn't a recipe after all, it's more like a vibe.

My delightful roll today was filled with:
Basic salad mix

★ Nooch-coconut oil-salt-curry powder tossed roasted sweet potato (425F. on parchment till soft and brown)

★ Green olive hummus (hummus with roasted garlic stuffed green olives pulsed in)

★ Cucumber slices

★ Red pepper slices

★ Sauerkraut (I made an inflammation fighting batch with ginger, turmeric root, cabbage, and salt)

★ Abooocado.

That's it! I'll be posting more variations as I make some I like. I think mac 'n' cheesie rolls are on the horizon, 'cuz I'm worth it.



  1. Oh wow!
    I would love this roll to be my breakfast and lunch!

  2. I saw your video and the rolls look fabulous. I should check out my Asian store and see if they have giant rice wrappers.

  3. These sound great kittee and I LOVE the sound of mac & cheese rolls!!

  4. I love your salad rolls. You inspired me to be more creative with mine!


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