Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tikil Me.

That's Ye'tikil Gomen Betimatim at the top --stewed cabbage with ginger, garlic and fresh tomatoes. Clockwise from the cabbage: Ye'misir Wot (spicy red lentils), awaze tibs (tempeh sauteed with a berbere bbq sauce, onions and fresh rosemary) and Ye'bakela Allecha (white beans in a mild turmeric sauce). Whew!
A week or so ago, I wrote about a few Ethiopian dishes I'd made recently including Ye'tikil Gomen. If you frequent Ethiopian restaurants, you know and have eaten this dish (it's on every menu). It's basically stewed cabbage and there's all sorts of room for interpretation on how to prepare it. For instance, I have eaten ye'tikil gomen where the cabbage is stewed with tomatoes, as in the photo above, but more commonly, I've seen and eaten ye'tikil gomen where the cabbage is cooked with tender bites of carrot.

I decided I needed both versions, and the one I made today really tasted good and made me happy. I played on the sweetness of the carrot and added a touch of clove and cardamom, which really shine through the cabbage. If you ever cook with ground cloves, a little goes a looOOOong way. I only used 1/8 teaspoon in this recipe, and I'd be hard-pressed to use more than that in anything, 'cuz otherwise it gets cloying.

Ye'tikil Gomen Becarot -- stewed cabbage with carrot, onion, ground cloves and cardamom in a seasoned oil.
A very few small changes, and I've ended up with two dishes that are quite different.



  1. i totally agree about cloves. Very nice, but only in small quantities. I feel that way about sage too!

  2. Ooh yum. I love that thanks to your MoFo I know what all the delicious things I eat are called! It's now been a few weeks since I've had Ethiopian food, and that is too long, so your zine is coming out tomorrow!

  3. I love stewed cabbage! In the winter I do a red cabbage with balsamic and good!


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