Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Special Beet Kitfo

Yumgo = bingo + yum
I'd like you to meet my latest and favoritest: beet kitfo! If you don't know, and most of y'all probably don't, traditional kitfo is basically a beef tartare (so gross). Kitfo is often served mixed with seasoned butter and cheese too--lots of restaurants offer this and call it "special kitfo."

Here is my "special-special" kitfo. I roasted beets until they were very tender, ground them up, seasoned them with spices, added evoo and some homemade cheese and yumgo! 

These beets were temporarily replacing my need for Tofutti singles up until the moment I ate the last of my Happy Campers bread yesterday. Will I resort to a spoon today? Only time will tell.

Hey! I have a super special secret Freaky Friday guest poster who will be sharing something insane with you in two day's time. Just try to get some restful sleep from now until then. 



  1. just elevated the status of root veggies from forgotten minions to yumful masterpieces! You are definitely Queen of Kitfo! :)


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