Monday, September 9, 2013

Social Justice Fund NW

Hey Portland Bubs. My friend Emiko has been working hard with Social Justice Fund NW. It's a foundation of grassroots fundraising and community building where member give grants to other non-profits doing great work in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

There are a couple of upcoming events you might want to know about and support.

This Thursday, September 12 from 3-9 is a great reason to visit Veggie Grill. If you mention the fundraiser to the cashier 50% of the cost of your meal goes to SJF. HALF! Here's a link to the Veggie Grill event on good ol' Facebook.

★On Tuesday, September 17 awesome and yummy Blossoming Lotus is getting in on the fundraising by donating 10% of their day's sales to SJF. You can read about their event right here.

If you're super inspired by the work Social Justice Fund is doing, you can get involved here.


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