Monday, September 16, 2013

Kale Gomen, Candlelight and Vee.

I think that adage about vegans liking kale might just be true. I had to stop myself from eating this entire plate, because I'm pretty sure it's not necessary for me to eat two entire bunches of kale by myself at one time. But I really wanted to, and I might just go back and finish it before the night is over.

Ye'zelbo be carote gomen = delicious kale explosion in my mouth.
I really love how jalapenos are used in Ethiopian cuisine. In milder stew and vegetable dishes, they're tossed in just at the end of cooking. They soften a bit, and season the dish, but still retain most of their texture. I seed and vein mine, but it's not necessary if you like hot food.

Happy boy. We don't call him Mr. Wildlife for nothin'.
On Friday, we camped for the night in the Oregon gorge, hiked and ate a big Ethiopian platter of leftovers by candlelight. Vee was a happy dog when I snapped this photo overlooking the Columbia River and Washington state.



  1. I love kale! I think the adage is true...

  2. I cannot love enough that picture of Vee. So ridiculously cute!

  3. VeeBee!!! I love that little guy.

  4. Great picture! It's got a lovely view and a very cute dog. One couldn't ask for more.

  5. Vee, what a cutie! I love smiley dog faces.


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