Monday, September 30, 2013

I Fleetly Flee, I Fly.

Ye'dinnich be Keysir Selata
I wasn't sure I was gonna be able to keep up with MoFo '13, but here we are at the end of the month, and this is my 20th post. If you're anxious about missing me, I'll still be posting my daily on good ol' Instagram, and'll pop in here with weekly show 'n' tell posts to keep you up to date, but this daily shindig is going bubbye.

The picture above was delicious. It was a cold potato salad with pickled beets and onion in a lime vinaigrette, and I ate that gorgeous hot pink bowl of spuds mostly by myself. Never with the beet regrets.

I have learned so much researching for this book. Up above, you see a kai wot, which simply means red stew by way of spicy berbere powder. It's okra stewed in a yummy spicy gravy with white bean sausage dumplings (I'm going with dumplings over balls these days--gotta seem professional).

Thanks for your company and comments this month, and thanks to those who checked in to make sure I hadn't smothered under a giant pile of turmeric or berbere.



  1. Congrats on hitting 20 posts this month! That's quite an accomplishment, especially considering everything else you have going on cookbook-wise. (So excited for that!)

  2. Congrats on not having been smothered. White bean sausage dumplings sound amazing but they look even better all simmery and spicy!!

  3. you made it!! well done. I loved your posts and I will miss your feet! Berbere seasoning is incredible. I sprinkle it liberally on any warm bowl of something..

    1. Thank you India! I am not gone, just not posting daily anymore. Hopefully I will have something with feet in it for you to see soon!
      xo kittee

  4. Thanks for putting So Long Farewell in my head! The one day my head wasn't filled with The Sound Of Music songs, and now it is again. Oh Kittee. :) Great job this month!

  5. KIsmet! I just made pink baba ganouj yesterday and it's surprisingly nummy. The kai wot looks mouthwateringly delish. Perfect for winter.

  6. wow it looks so delicious! thanks for this post!


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