Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fancy Salad and Balls.

Here's a big platter we cobbled together last weekend from the week's recipes!  Our friend's brought the fanciful salad along for dinner.

From the top:
★ Ye'miser Wot--red lentils in a spicy berbere sauce.
★ Bakela Allecha--tofu balls and potatoes in a mild onion sauce.
★ Ayib Begomen--steamed collard greens with homemade cheese (my new favorite!!)

more balls, although I should maybe start referring to these as dumplings?

★ A new Butecha recipe--a Burmese tofu dressed with jalapeno and red onion.
★ Timatim Fitfit--injera pieces in a homegrown tomato salad.
and a small spoonful of Ayib--soft cheese.



  1. Hehe, balls! I think you may have to refer to them as dumplings because some of your readers are clearly quite childish!

  2. I think your naming is much more fun! These creations looks delicious!

  3. Sigh. Kittee, I just put up a lovely Ethiopian restaurant post and you've trumped me with a singular, homemade masterpiece of a platter. Bravo and scowl!

  4. Balls. Makes me giggle. Your posts are making me super hungry though. For balls. Hahahahahha....ok I'll stop now.

  5. Looks like a big plate o' yum! I want to try the lentils and the greens with cheese!

  6. Now I want to crush some balls with that sour, spongy goodness known as injera!

  7. Now I want to crush some balls with that sour, spongy goodness known as injera!

  8. If you ever need a place to stay in Philly, stay with me. You can just make all of my meals.

  9. I cannot wait for your cookbook. Only looking at all of this is torture.

  10. That is quite a ball-sy (hehe) venture at Ethiopian goodness. :D

    I'm dying of cravings here (even though I *just* ate lunch). We don't have an Ethiopian restaurant anywhere in India. :( Looking at that big plateful of amazing goodness is making me want to jump on the next flight to the nearest Ethiopian restaurant.

  11. Dear Kittee,

    I believe you have invented a new form of torture: taunting us with these delicious Ethiopian dishes without sharing the recipes! Homemade vegan cheese? Tofu balls? Burmese tofu Ethiopain style? (Burmese tofu is one of my most favourite things in the world. I must try this!) Sambusas? And of course the w'ets and under-appreciated allechas ...

    This is cruel and unusual punishment. But oh so tasty!

  12. Yum! I love collard greens, too. They're my fav. Looking forward to seeing the collards w/ cheese recipe :)

  13. DAYUM, woman! This is like the thing of dreams! <3


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