Monday, September 23, 2013

Bete Lukas Never Fails.

I think this shot looks like it belongs in a vintage Betty Crocker spiral bound cookbook from 1958. Thank you poor lighting and cool Instagram filter.
This past weekend was Veg Fest here in Portland. I bonked over there with my bub Karla on Saturday and we sampled and checked out the sites. I'm always so drawn into that damn Vitamix demo (even though I succumbed to the pressure two Veg Fest's ago). That dude could sell peach sorbet to anyone.

VF also brought a bunch of nice folks from The Book Publishing Company to town, and guess where they wanted to get dinner? Of course, ETHIOPIAN! So off Dazee and I trotted to my favorite habesha restaurant in town. The food was so good, I couldn't help but tear in. Plus, things always tastes better when someone else is cooking. Weirdest phenomenon, but so true.

We ordered the veggie combo platter for a crowd, plus the miten shiro, ingudai tibs and eggplant tibs. If you stare deep into the eyes of the above photo you will see (from top heading clockwise): ingudai tibs (mushrooms), eggplant tibs, miten shiro (spicy pea/legume puree), kik allecha (mild split peas), fasolia (green beans and carrots--MMMM!), miser wot (spicy red lentils), atakilt allecha or tikil gomen (vegetable stew or stewed cabbage), zelbo gomen (kale) and yummy salad in the middle. All hail Bete Lukas and their xgfx injera.



  1. I like those old pics in the Betty Crocker books. If this was in one of those, it would actually be a recipe I'd make!

  2. I think I have that book, spiral bound too. Betty Crocker Does Ethiopian. or was that a headline I am thinking about? Either way, your vintage type photo looks delicious no matter what the decade is.

  3. ha ha, I love that they wanted to go out for Ethiopian!! You're all "are you sure? don't you just loooove Mexican food???" :) Glad it was so delicious. And yes, I agree, it is so nice when someone else does the cooking.


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