Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ball-less and without Injera.

No injera today and nary a ball in sight.
Hello! The fuzzy pumper playdoh kitchen was busy churning out Ethiopian noms today. Awaze baked tofu (tofu baked in a berbere and lime bbq sorta sauce), Ye'atakilt Allecha (oven braised cabbage, carrots, potatoes and jalapeno) and Ye'keysir be dinnich Allecha (beets with potatoes).

Pretty, pretty dahlias and beets!
I'm pretty sure I will smell like onions and berbere for the rest of my life. Who needs a tattoo of vegan food, when you can permanently smell like vegan food. I am the ultimate in smellovision and scratch n sniff--but better 'cuz no special equipment is required.



  1. Haha! I feel you, Kittee. Although for me it's garlic. I'm convinced I will never get that smell out of my skin. Not that I mind (...that much).

  2. girl, you are seriously DOING THIS THING. I am amazed at your constant output!

  3. Who cares about balls when there are tofu pockets!

  4. Even ball-less and injera-less, this meal looks delish! :-)

  5. YUM!!! That baked tofu looks fantastic!! You make me crave Ethiopian food EVERY POST!!!!!

  6. Your atakilt looks like the best I've seen!

  7. Yum yum yum! Especially that tofu. Or especially that cabbage. I can't decide, but I suppose I don't really have to.


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