Sunday, September 1, 2013

And So MoFo Begins.

This is Ye'miser Wot.  This version is made with tomato sauce, but I personally like a spicier version that's just made with a  berbere gravy.  Yep, that's 100% teff, 100% homemade injera.
Hey! Today begins Vegan MoFo 2013. Here's a few things I wanna say about this month:

 I'll be posting photos and small rants about Ethiopian food as much as I possibly can throughout September. If I were the tattoo sorta girl (the melanomas keep me away from the ink), I'd probably be on a table in someone's parlor getting a gallon sized jar of niter kibbeh tattooed on my ass.

★ Vegan MoFo Headquarters has posted a list of participating blogs this year, plus they'll have daily happenings so click click, if you're interested.

 If you want to participate in MoFo, but you don't have a blog or didn't sign up, you can still do it! Challenge yourself to post as many comments as possible throughout the entire month. Daily blogging is hard! Reward your favorite blogs, and all the little baby blogs, with your adoration in the form of a hey-hey.

★ One of my old NOLA friends who I'm quite fond of is participating with her new blog this month! Please check out Olivier & Kingsley and say hi to Ms. Jenn Murphy (you might remember her from those old Herbivore cookie wars).

★ So many taco cleanses going on this month!  Check out Lone Star Plate for the full list of devoted taco mofos. Will they break or power through?

★ There WILL be another kitchen tour, as well as some other non-Ethiopian adventures.

 Oh also!  For maximum MoFo enjoyment please disable the captcha feature on your blog and if you're on Blogger, switch your settings to allow anonymous comments. I usually don't allow anonymous comments on Cake Maker, 'cuz of the spam shit storm it creates, but lovely Julie reminded me she was having trouble commenting from her iPad. 

I'm gonna cheat and start off with a little backlog, which is something I NEVER do during MoFo, but I also rarely post during MoFo weekends either. If you follow me on Instagram, some of these pics will probably look a little familiar.

Clockwise from top: roasted beets with niter kibbeh, potatoes and asparagus, ye'miser wot and selata.  With more injera!
The whole spread!  I made this meal in late spring, when asparagus was still available. One of my favorite things about making Ethiopian at home, is utilizing seasonal produce.  Most restaurants serve a fixed vegetarian menu all year long, and never change the veggies up. My favorite habesha restaurant in Portland, Bete-Lukas, serves a special squash wot around Halloween, but it's only offered for one weekend out of the year. They get a pass tho, 'cuz they also make xgfx injera every day, with no call-ahead-in-advance craziness necessary.

Little wheels of injera!
I'm tempted to splurge on a mitad so I can make moon sized injera too! These might look darker than you're used to seeing. Many restaurants mix wheat flour with teff to make lighter bread, or use an ivory teff, which is lighter in color. I like the dark aesthetically, and I think it's more flavorful.

I'll post the winner of The Allergy-Free Cook Bakes Cakes and Cookies on the morrow.



  1. Awesome theme, awesome food! I'm excited to MoFo with ya!

  2. Happy Vegan MoFo to you!!! I am getting very excited about your theme! YUM!

  3. Why didn't I buy the house next to you while I was in Portland...I want to come over for dinner. Tonight.

  4. Yaaaayyyy! Looking forward to your Ethiopian food rants! :)
    I like the dark 'n earthy injera...definitely looks yumful to me.
    Happy MoFo!

  5. Kittee, it's always *so* exciting to have you comment on our blogs, and you inspired me to do the same! I've been browsing and commenting away already, I love MoFo!

    This year I'm starting off my MoFo browsing at the end of the alphabet in the blogroll, letter "V" seemed a good place to start :-)

    Congrats again on Momma Tofu!

  6. This is such an awesome theme! I am going to love every second I can vicariously enjoy all of your Ethiopian goodness. I like how you've included some lighter vegetables like spinach & asparagus, in addition to heartier wots. I'm with Lisa. I so wish I was your neighbor!!

  7. I am so psyKed about your Ethiopiian Cookbook. Yay, you! I will not be MoFo-ing this year--too much going on. But I'll enjoy your awesomeness. xxx

  8. Awesomeness indeed; you are amazing beyond words. Just a note: anonymous posts are always fine for me, but disabling the captcha welcomes dozens of spam comments a day for me; I'm sure others have the same issue. So, I just can't do it. Control!

    PS I'm a weekday mofo-er as well, so I seem to have missed today's boat. Tomorrow is another day!

  9. Happy Vegan MoFo!

    I love your Ethiopian theme, it's so very Kittee! Congrats on the book as well.

  10. Happy MoFo! I am so excited to to read all about Ethiopian food!

  11. Yay!! Happy food, sweet friend Kittee! I look forward to a month of lots of posts from you and your adventures!

  12. I love eating Ethiopian, but I always just get one of everything vegan and hope it's good. I'm looking forward to learning about what it is I've been eating.

    Thanks for the taco cleanse love!

  13. KITTEE!! Thanks so much for the shout out. I'm quite fond of you too!! Scott and I were just talking about how we need to come up to PDX and visit. XO

  14. Yum, yum! I love your theme and I have plans to try out something Ethiopian this year :)

  15. I love injeras and Ethiopian food :) I have tried (and failed) many times to make them. Hopefully I´ll finally be able to do it. Happy vegan MoFo^^

  16. Happy MoFo! I just received the second edition of "Let Gluten Freedom Ring!" from Pioneers Press and was stoked to see you have a couple recipes in it. Once your new cook book comes out I will have a Kittee Berns collection ;)

  17. MoFo! MoFo! MoFo! I like your (mainly) Ethiopian theme, Kittee! Yep, my captcha feature is disabled for MoFo and anonymous comments are allowed. Happy MoFo!


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