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Pixie Retreat Rawr Laboratorie & Makery

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Behold the magnificent.
A little while ago, I posted an abbreviated "Best Of" Portland list and included the Mock BLT made by the pixies at Pixie Retreat in their secret underground laboratorie in deep, dark SE Portland. Since I posted the list, I've had the opportunity to try a bunch more things these folks have made, and I've downright fallen in love with every single one. Like here I am down on one knee, and everything.

The Pixies sell their Grubbin' L'il Grubbers (Millet Burger and Mock BLT), puddin's, cheezie kale and raw chocolates liberally around town--Food Fight, New Seasons, the Co-Ops and Kure stock them regularly.  Once upon a time, I was even able to order their raw and insanely good cannoli from the dessert menu at Portobello.

Mock BLT L'il Grubbers are a xgfx delight: microplaned, spicy dehydrated eggplant shreds planted between homemade onion-sunflower seed-flax crackers with smooth and tangy cashew cream cheese, a single tomato slice and fresh chard.  They do not skimp on any of the components, the cheese is thick, the crackers are chewy and the eggplant is thin and abundant.
These days, the pixies are working out of a big new kitchen lab, and have extended their business to a small by special order / reservation takeout on Thursdays (friend them on Facebook to find out when and other details).

For months, I've been made sick watching these specials come and go, without the chance to sample my own. Finally, last week, I got my shit together and ordered a special meal--Chile Rellenos. It blew my mind and changed my life. It really did.

From the Pixie's Lab Case:  Vanilla Kreem with Karmal and Chocolate L'il Puddin's (and I thought I used apostrophes a lot) and Millet Burger Grubbers.
When I showed up eager to use a $25 gift certificate I'd been hoarding and expecting to pick up my $14 order and a Mock BLT, I was showered with a huge assortment of Pixie products to try. I protested and was told to take them home and enjoy. UM, OK. What a serious understatement.

I can truly understand balking at the pixie price-tags.  That's one of the reasons it took me so long to come around, but now that I've had the chance to sample them rampantly, I can honestly declare these treats worth the splurge.  'Cuz they're totally--and I'm quoting here "raw vegan organic soy free non processed gluten free dairy free animal produce free plant based whole foods ultimate grubbin'." They're also so rich and decadent, they're easy to stretch and savor. My lunch turned into my dinner, which turned into enough to share with Dazee serious proof not just in the L'il Puddin', but of true love (if you know me, you know I hate sharing tasty food).

A tiny bit bigger than real life, but not by much.  
My loot, I loved it all.  I would marry it all. I would die and marry it all. Please just let me marry it:

❤ Raw chocolate filled with "karmal."  I dunno what this karmal is exactly, but I know it's good for you both in the mouth and belly departments.
❤ Raw chocolate heart studded with almonds and stuffed to the brim with some sort of nut creme.
❤Chile Relleno Burrito--an Anaheim chile stuffed with cashew cheese, battered with young coconut and macadamia nuts and served inside a raw zucchini and flax tortilla.  With homemade "pico guaco."
❤Vanilla Kreem with Karmal & Chocolate pudding--this was at least two servings.  It's really little,  but it's so decadent.
❤A special puddin'-vanilla kreme with fresh strawberries and karmal. 

Sorry for so much gushin', but I really wanted to share.  If I was planning a trip to PDX, I'd make sure to special order one of these and hit the city on a Thursday.

Pixie Retreat Raw'r Laboratorie & Makery
1670 SE 3rd Street
Portland, OR



  1. Why oh why did I not try any of this stuff when I was in PDX?! I guess I'll just have to get my butt back there asap!

  2. Ooooh I hate that I missed that spot!

  3. Just heard about these pixie retreat products from veganmiam too. Sounds delicious! I can only echo the sentiments of the previous commenters...why/how did I miss this while there?

  4. It's Thursday, and I'd love to get my hands on a BLT right now. If only I could beam myself to Portland. Why don't we have beam tech yet? Why?

  5. Beyond jealous! The puddin' sounds fabu.

  6. I was super skeptical about there stuff, but after I caved into the Lil Pudding with Karmel and Vanilla Kreem, I was done for. That shit is amazing! $6 does seem like a lot, but if you think about how you can spend $6 on 2 chocolate truffles (hello, delicious Missionary Chocolates!), then really it's not horrible. And the pudding has ingredients like mesquite and irish moss. WHAT? I need to try the sandwiches sometime...


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