Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oink oink go the cupcakes.

Our Portland Worldwide Vegan Bakesale was last weekend, and we did excellent for the animals. Almost $2400 was earned to be split between Cat Adoption Team and Green Acres Farm Sanctuary!  

My friend Katie is an an amazing xgfx baker.  You can see her caramel apple bars and toffee pictured above hangin' with a plate of goji berry cookie wonders and some MmmM-y peppermint patty bars.
There were SO MANY gorgeous edible donations, I went a wee tad off the handle with the camera.  I'm glad I did, because I didn't get a chance to take a good look at everything, what with the excitement and commotion of it all.  Plus, now I can gawk to my heart's content in the privacy of my own living room.

Back to Eden's creme filled cookie pies, cookies and donuts.  So much xgfx!
A small sampling of Scones! We asked for lots of savory donations, since these always seem to be the most popular.
I don't even know what all of this is, 'cuz it flew!  So much pretty.  I think we nailed presentation this year too, everything looks so well merchandised, if I do say so myself.  And I do, and I am.
Caramelized onion, mushroom & herbed cream cheese rolls hanging out with Louisiana style banana bread pudding.  
Macaroons, Almond Joy Brownies, Socca bites, truffles and chocolate chip cookies all hanging out with some donuts from Cinnamon.
Cupcake thingies of beauty.
Challah twists, more sandwich cookies and chocolate bottomed macaroons.
Treats from Petunias, super delicious tamales (I know 'cuz I ate the one that fell on the floor) and beautiful raspberry mini galettes.
Pear orange galettes, too!  I believe these were xgfx and made by my friend Angelika.  How did I not get one of these??
Amanda's dinosaur cookies and savory yummy twists.  I wish I had the details on these.  It's pretty obvious I am no  Veronica Mars Bakesale Detective.
I made these wheaty pretzel dogs in two flavors.  The standard topped with smoked salt and sesame seeds plus a chipotle cheese version with Follow Your Heart Cheddar.  I can post details if anyone's interested in the hows.
I also made these xgfx Coconut Almond Joy Mocha Brownies. 
Chocolate brownies made with coffee and topped with a condensed milk coconut combo, an almond and more chocolate. They were good, but they stuck to those durn papers.  I had to saw them out before the sale.  No bueno.

These peanut butter pretzel cupcakes tormented me until they sold out.  So much yum.
Oh yes, even Nutter Butter Hippo cupcakes made an appearance.
With the cutest moose and pig cuppers in tow.  These made me squee.
Thanks to everyone who helped--from the table donors, to the price it and set-uppers and everyone in-between.  Let's do another one soon!

xo kittee


  1. Wow, amazing job! Congrats!

    I love to hear about the hows to the pretzel doggies!

    1. OK! I shall post later today or tomorrow!

    2. I've never seen such an elegant spread, with such variety!

  2. I feel as if I just viewed my whole meal! I started off hungry but ended feeling full, so many treats!!!
    I know I'd be stuffed from just trying one of everything. And I love pigs so so much and those cute pig cupcakes are the best!


  3. OMGosh! I'm having a treat overload just looking at those photos! Congrats on raising such a hefty amount of funds for the animals! Wonderful Kittee! xx

  4. OMG the pigs and the moose are so cute! Everything is adorable good show and thanks again for the ideas!

  5. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! I will take one of each!

  6. Woah, you guys certainly did nail it this year! From the presentation to the baked goods themselves, everything looks AMAZING! I loooove the nutter butter giraffes, the caramel apple bars sound amazing and I so into how much savoury stuff there was - challah twists? Yes please!

  7. Oink oink for the eyes as well. I want all of. Nice nutterbutters.

  8. Hi Kittee! ^_^

    Everything looks delicious here!
    I watched your video about gf samosas, so nice! I've never tasted them and would like to try and make some!
    Btw, nice accent! ;)

    Ciao ciao!

  9. What a spread! That all looks so fabulous! I'm glad you documented everything. It totally makes me wish I'd been there!

  10. Very cool!! Also I would like to eat those mushroom and herb scones, please.

  11. My favorites this year included your pretzel dogs (I unsuccessfully tried to guilt Matt into letting me have his, which would have meant three for me!) and Katie's FABULOUS toffee! I want more of everything!

    We did good.

  12. Awesome job PDXers! Yay for the animals--they are so happy. Gorgeous stuff--inside and out.


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