Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Come One, Come All--PDX WWVBS

  WWVBS ≠ What would virgin bears sip. 
If you're reading this and you're in Portland, near Portland, or planning to come to Portland this is happening on Sunday.  Please come, you're cordially invited.  If you're somewhere else, there might be a sale near you!

Friends will be made.  Friends will also yell for posting pictures of them on the Internet.
If the photos from last year's archive aren't enough to lure you in, we're anticipating deliveries from over 50 volunteer bakers, plus the city's big yummies:  Voo Doo Donuts, Dovetail, Sweet Pea, Petunias, Back to Eden and Cinnamon.

Nails will get did and drinking from a Mason Jar will happen.
Word on the street is a plethora of savories will be waiting (collect them all!) -- tamales, pretzel dogs, tempeh sausage drop biscuits to name a few, the obvious gluten-freebies, plus loads of the sweet stuff including bread pudding, apple pie, peanut butter pretzel cupcakes, raw fudge, poppy seed cakey rolls! and mini galettes to name drop just a bit.

Please come say hi, and support these great causes with your cash.

P.S.  The House of Dreams Cat Shelter is also hosting a WWVBS on Saturday the 20th!


  1. How curious? I can't see the pictures...I KNOW I get up at an inordinately early hour...I KNOW that my eyes tend to be screwed up and a bit crunchy BUT I can usually see pics...maybe it's my RSS Feed Reader...nope...Googled your site and can't see the pics :(. Would LERVE to see them :)

  2. how fun! i wish i lived close enough to go!

  3. Such a fun event! If I didn't have so much craziness going on with my brother's show, I would love to pull together a vegan bake sale too. Maybe next time! xx

    1. ohhhhh, i shall go look on FB. good luck on the show from me!

  4. Hope it's a great turnout. Num-num-nummy! xx

  5. All of my favorite things on that flyer! Hope it went very well!

  6. I bet the PDX WVBS is the most fun! I want to come, buy, eat and paint nails with you!


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