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SMOTM: 40 Days of Green Smoothies Review & Giveaway

Ahoy hoy! Today's post is gonna be some big-fat-fluffy smoothie talk. I hope you're ready, 'cuz Becky from the lovely Glue & Glitter, sent me a review copy of her digital smoothie plan 40 Days of Green Smoothies, and I'm gonna tell you about it. I'm also gonna give away a free copy, so read to the end or you might miss out. 

Bird glasses make smoothies great.
If you're new to green smoothies, or want to be new to green smoothies, 40 Days is a thorough, well organized primer that'll guide you on a daily smoothie route for 40 days.  Becky has specifically designed this e-book to show you how to keep your pantry stocked with weekly shopping lists, which will not leave your wallet naked.  These are super budget friendly recipes.  Also, you don't need a spanky-pants fancy blender.  Repeat:  you will NOT break the bank or your Target blender on these recipes.

Now to be honest, Becky and I come from different schools of ol' Smoothie Nation.  The smoothies I generally make are stuffed with frozen fruit and always contain some protein powder, because I need a sweeter smoothie to be able to enjoy it, and my body needs the additional protein.

Becky's philosophy is a little different:
"Unlike more conventional smoothies, I also go easy on the frozen fruit. Fruit is super tasty and full of nutrients, but it’s also expensive and contains a lot of sugar. Most of my smoothies only use a small amount of frozen fruit. The banana or avocado, greens, and vegan milk give them their bulk."
WTF.  Did Becky just call me conventional‽

You should buy this e-book if you're looking for healthy, low-sugar/no-sweetener added smoothies brimming with nutrients and packed with the good omega stuff.  Or, you should also buy this if you need more ideas for smoothies and are comfy tweaking an easy smoothie recipe to get it where you want it.   I wish I'd had this when I first started down the green smoothie brick road, 'cuz I was a little lost and would have loved Becky's understanding yet firm hand grasping.

L:  #11 (banana, cocoa, raspberry, spinach, almond milk and chia)
R:  #10 (banana, strawberries, parsley, almond milk and flax)
Here are some of my favorite things about 40 Days of Green Smoothies:
❤ The weekly grocery lists and organized chapters make daily green smoothie doses super easy.

 ❤  Since I'm already a fancy smoothielier, my freezer and pantry were already stocked with the ingredients needed for these recipes, no grocery trip was required for me.

❤ The portion sizes are one serving, but super generous.  I always eyeball my smoothies and make too much.  Now I know how much of what I need to make one good-sized Bell jar full.

❤ I wish I had this as a primer when I first started making green smoothies, 'cuz it would have made the transition much easier for me.

❤ I love how the smoothies are numbered instead of given cheesie names.  They made me feel futuristic and stuff.

❤ The smoothies use an awesome variety of greens from chapter to chapter (kale, spinach, collards, parsley, beet and chard).  Seriously, you will be a bad ass in your friends' minds when you tell them you put collards in your smoothies. Whoa.

❤ The recipes are low-sugar to save you from diabetes and to save your budget (frozen fruit is high in the sugar and wallet departments).

❤ The recipes are nutrient dense.

My critiques:
I had no idea, but I'm not a fan of flax or chia in my smoothie.  Obviously, you can leave these out, and some of Becky's recipes do, but the bulk of the smoothies contain one or the other.  Tricky slimy omegas, please do not fluff up my smoothie like that!

I wish 40 Days included information on add-ins like spirulina powder, dates, stevia (for extra sweetness), hemp seeds or vegan protein powders.

  • Title:  40 Days of Green Smoothies
  • Author:   Becky Striepe
  • Blog/WebsiteGlue and Glitter
  • Publisher:  Self Published .PDF download.
  • Photos: A few color shots, but c'mon!  How many smoothie pictures do you need?
  • Focus: Low-sugar, nutrient dense green smoothies.
  • XGFXness100% XGFX
Onto the FREE STUFF!  This giveaway is open worldwide.  To win your own free digital copy of this book, simply leave a comment on this post by midnight Pacific time on Wednesday, January 23rd 2013 (please make sure to leave contact information), and I'll draw a random winner.

    Disclaimer:  I received a free review copy of 40 Days of Green Smoothies  from Becky Striepe.  No compensation or gift was exchanged for this review, and the opinion posted here is my own.



    1. I don't have a fancy pants blender so love the sound of this!

    2. My new favorite word: smoothielier. Also, I dig that they're numbered - I'm allergic to misspelled and/or goofy-sounding names! Oh, and I always add sprouted oats or oat flour to my smoothies to bulk them up, because slime is grody!

    3. I seriously make the same green smoothie every single time so I would heart this.

    4. Hmm, I eat a smoothie everyday for breakfast, but I've never been brave enough to put anything green in it. So far, I'm doing strictly banana and berries with chocolate Silk and chocolate Vega powder. I wonder if this book would help me get more nutrients without sacrificing taste?

      1. Beckie told me I can share a recipe, so here's one. Give it a try and see how it goes!

        "When you’re making your smoothies, you might have trouble getting that last piece of fruit or ice to blend down. Most blenders have a pulse or ice crush option that’s perfect for solving this problem. Just do a few pulses, pausing for a few seconds in between each one to let that stubborn chunk of fruit or ice settle near the blade again. You can also add an extra splash of liquid, if things seem like they’re not moving in the blender."

        1/2 cup frozen banana
        1T cocoa powder
        1/4 cup frozen raspberry
        handful of fresh spinach
        1 cup almond milk
        2 tablespoons chia seeds
        2-3 cubes of ice

    5. I am in need of a smoothy intervention! Help break me out of my frozen fruit and milk rut!

    6. This sounds great! I love Becky's blog, and her smoothie book sounds right up my alley. Like you, I often have a problem making too much. A little bit of this and a little bit of that, and suddenly I have a gargantuan smoothie.

    7. i love green smoothies! this sounds like a great book!

    8. Ive only recently got into green smoothies but always make the same basic recipe !

    9. I just drank a green smoothie! Enter me!

    10. I've just been able to replace my broken blender, so I'm back into the smoothie game, and I could always use some more inspiration!

    11. My mom makes this delicious green drink - so not really a smoothie, I guess, because no ice. It's pineapple juice, spinach, mint, and parsley.

    12. This sounds like such an awesome e-book! I enjoy at least one green smoothie/week but would work with the structure of a program, especially a shopping/budget friendly plan that included new variety. Solid review!

    13. I don't want diabetes. so I would very much like to play this smoothie game.
      PS is the first smoothie called Number 1? and the last smoothie called Number 40?

    14. I would love this! I have been making one green smoothie recipe for far too long, and I could really use some help in branching out. Mine is boring as heck, and we all know how boring HECK is.

    15. I am psyched on green smoothie powers! Sign me up!

    16. Love that there are avocado options. I am trying to get into those.

    17. Anything to help me move on beyond spinach as my green in smoothies would be a big help!

    18. I like the chia and flax (chia more than flax, tho')! Makes a veggie smoothie fill me up for several hours. Am stuck in a smoothie rut so would love to try the smoothies in Becky's book!

    19. I read your blog and I like smoothies!

    20. I'd love to win this, it'd be fun to branch out from my usual super fruity smoothie with a little flax & spinach.

    21. I have definitely been stuck in a rut, and my other half will only drink a smoothie if it is full of strawberries. Help me make my own delicious green smoothies!

    22. I've never had a green smoothie in my life. I think it's time!

    23. I love smoothies but they make me so cooooold and my name is Becky too!

    24. Well poo - I left a thoughtful comment the other day, and my phone ate it.
      So - in short, I had a few weeks of green monsters last year, but I really started getting sick of the same recipe I was using over and over. This recipe book would help in that!
      Also - I wonder about using other greens like collards and not tons of frozen fruit - does it *taste* like a collard smoothie? Cause ... well ... that doesn't sound appetizing. I hope they are well disguised tasty smoothies full of health goo that you can't necessarily taste =D

    25. I love green smoothies, but like everyone else, am in a bit of a rut :( Would love this book to help with that!

    26. I definitely love green smoothies, but am in desperate need of some new direction. Can't wait to read this book!

    27. I'm with you, I like fruit in my smoothies, so this book isn't for me, which is probably good since I see this giveaway has all ready ended. I put chia seeds in most of my smoothies AFTER blending, then it's like frog eye smoothie (still slimy) rather than swamp pond scum smoothie (slimier). xx


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