Monday, January 14, 2013

King Cake O'Clock.

Orbited by Peanut Butter Cup King Cake.
It's King Cake o'clock!  Every year, I try to think up a cake combo that's crazier and tastier than the year before.  This time around, I wanted to entwine peanut butter and chocolate together in hopes of the new awesome, but when I told Dazee what I was up to, he thought I'd taken our beloved King Cake too far.  Then he showed me an article detailing the Elvis King Cake pumping out of our NOLA friend's restaurant and gave me his blessing to hit it.

So I ran with it, even though my Peanut Butter Cup King Cake sounds a bit banal in contrast to one slathered in marshmallow, candied bacon and stuffed with banana.  No doubt, l'll be trying my own vegan version before the season is over.  And, I guarantee to make it awesome without adding bacon, 'cuz I do so love the pigs.

Bumpin' down the stairs.
Here she is!  A yeasted and wheaty peanut butter dough, filled with chocolate chips and chocolate mousse, then topped with salted peanut butter and a sugar glaze with homemade Mardi Gras sugared sprinkles.

I was on fire the day I made this, so of course I also had to attempt a xgx version.  I was super nervous about trying, because xgfx yeast dough can be difficult, but I think I nailed it on my first try. 

Naked and just born.
I need to test it once again, with another flavor combo before I share the recipe, but I hope to share both recipes soon!

All dressed up.
This xgfx version is also yeasted, then filled with a raspberry cashew creme and topped with an orange blossom water glaze and homemade sugar sprinkles. It was the first slice of King Cake I've tasted in four years, and it really made me happy.

Inside shot.
It was a little trickier to pull off than the gluten version, but I was super proud of how the dough held up to rolling, even over lumpy frozen raspberries.  I'm excited to see how well it holds up to bananas, Dandies and candied-smoky tempeh (or something similar).



  1. I used to have a crazy-yet-super-sweet landlady from New Orleans and she once left half of a king cake for me on my doorstep. It took everything I had to not eat it all in one go! I was hooked! Years later, I never even thought of attempting a vegan version! I might just have to give this a whirl! :-)

  2. i'm so excited for you to share your recipes! my friend is having a mardi gras party on feb 15th and i would LOVE to surprise her by making this!

  3. Recipe pleeeeeeease? This looks amazing!!!! :-D

  4. Kittee, that cake sounds and looks so delicious! Orange blossom water glaze? Soyum!

  5. For a vegan version of bacon, use the link below. The mushrooms, just using olive oil and salt, turn into a crunchy salty bacon-like pieces of perfection. Seriously, my family makes it all the time and the omnivores think it tastes just like bacon.


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