Monday, November 5, 2012

Calavera Bride Princess Cake

No name, but lots of fame.
When Kim and I started brainstorming for our DOTD celebration, a big gigantic bee flew straight into my knit cap, and I knew I was gonna make a Princess Cake with a calavera body instead of the traditional Barbie doll.  Don't ask me why, but I already had a bag of doll heads stashed away in my craft room.  I'm pretty sure I towed them with me from New Orleans for this exact occasion. 

I wanted to keep her dress white and simple, but added a little bling with vintage skull cupcake toppers.  After all, everyone deserves a little bling...
I formed her body around a single chopstick with a bit of plaster impregnated gauze, which is sold by the roll in craft shops.  You just wet it and then can mold it into different shapes.  I used this instead of papier mache, since it dries much faster and is pretty lightweight.  I made her arms in pieces with the same plaster gauze, and then pieced them together when dry using a needle and thread.  Once she was constructed, I painted her bones and added glitter with my treasured hot glue gun.

Head piece close-up.
Here's a list of everything I used:  plaster gauze, black paint, skull cupcake toppers, glitter, glue, thread (to sew the appendages together) lace, a doll head (she came with wire coming out of her neck for easy attachment), pink baubles, mini plastic pearls and a chopstick.  

The flowers I used for her bouquet and the pearls in her head piece were leftovers from some knitted doll clothes my Grandma Millie made me when I was little.

I think she is the loveliest!
Cake shot.  You can see her on our shrine in this photo.
I also baked a vanilla cake using two small cake pans and a pyrex bowl.  The layers were spread with strawberry jam and covered in an orange blossom buttercream.  Since the bride was formed around a chopstick, it was easy to attach her to the cake, by gently pushing the stick slowly and surely through all the layers, once it was frosted.

See?  Not so scary.
Her skull face is actually a little mask I made, so folks could flip it up and see the doll underneath.  If I store her properly, she should be all ready to go for next year!



  1. Kittee, she is so wonderfully creepy! That Barbie has nothin' on Ms. Calavera.

  2. You are amazing! I love that her skull face is actually a mask! And that the arm bones are sewn together!!

  3. The skull mask is amazing! I'm seriously in awe of your cake crafting skills.

  4. I have made a drunk Barbie cake but your cake is just as lovely. She is little bony though. Her eyes ar so glittery and her ribs are so sparkly...I LOVE HER!

  5. Whoah. This takes the cake ... so to speak. It makes me pine for the box of tiny sequins and glittery things I may (or may not) have given away when we moved. If I find it in the attic I'll be so happy. I wouldn't mind so much if I'd given it to you, but it pains me to think I may have ... cough ... ditched it in a fit of clearing out.

  6. You never cease to amaze me, you and your happy skulls, glitter and rainbow stuff.

  7. Holy cow Kittee, she is absolutely fantastic! I love her even though she creeps me out!


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