Tuesday, September 11, 2012

SMOTM: Whoa-oa-oa

On paper, this was a beauty of a smoothie.  Even the banana had high aspirations.
The reality is, it was super intense, and I had to concentrate to get it down, but at least I didn't get it on my dress. That'd be a Rosh Hashanah  Miracle right there, if Rosh Hashanah was the sort of holiday that delivered miracles.  Nothing but boring sheer luck today.

I full on blame the kale for this smoothie debacle.  Once again adding greens effed with the color, where in the end even the poor beet couldn't shine through.  Poor me too, since it turns out raw kale in addition to raw beet in a smoothie is a pretty bad idea.

Can you see Vee?
I hope y'all took notes today.  This experiment probably shouldn't be repeated anytime soon.  Unless you are tough like upholstery tacks.



  1. I decided a while back that I would rather just have a fruity smoothie with a big bowl of veggies, instead of mixing the two. Also, I celebrate your miracle of non-dress-stainage.

  2. Red + green = brown in smoothies and in life. I'm so glad to see this post, though, because I always feel a little guilty about not "liking" green smoothies. But I don't, damn it. Bleh. I successfully enjoy green juice, and have happily added celery and romaine to my smoothies, but anything heartier and you might as well choke me with a spoon. Veggies on a plate, I say.

    1. Yea, I hear ya. I like greens with fruit, but I'm keeping beets out from now on. And there's no way I'd put celery n a smoothie either, so you are much braver than I. Although celery in a green juice, is so salty and good!



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