Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kaya Cuppers

I don't know what you do when 12 year olds come for overnights, but here at the Berns-Kerns condo, we use the opportunity to bring cupcakes into the world and then to take them out.

Our 12 year old friend is a cupcake fanatic, which was quickly confirmed once we crossed the threshold at Michael's.  Much fuss was made over the cupcake acessories in the baking aisle, the cupcake calendars, the cupcake notecards, the cupcake ribbon and of course the cupcake cupcakes.  I'm sure you can imagine the spectacle.  Cupcakes for the people, an' all that.

Somehow, Michael's was not included in the "PIE IN, CUPCAKES OUT" loop.
So duh, we came home and made cupcakes.  Ours were topped with a cool frosting "resist" technique similar to crayon resist drawings from grade school, but with coconut fat and sugar glaze.

We whipped together an airy creme filling which could be piped into our cupcakes centers, but one that could also stand up as a light frosting:  solid coconut oil, vegetable shortening, vanilla, a little Tofutti and organic powdered sugar.  Once we piped this into our cupcake middles to over capacity (poke a finger to make holes), we spiralized extra over the tops and stuck em' in the fridge to firm up.

While the little cakes were chillin', we made a sugar glaze to dunk them into:  soymilk, vanilla, blue coloring paste and more powdered sugar.  We made the glaze so it would be thin enough for dipping, but thick enough it wouldn't run off the cupcakes in sheets (handy tip:  place the cupcakes on a baking rack over a tray to catch all the drippings).

If you get the proportions right (I'll write 'em down the next time we get twelve-year-olded), the glaze will resist some of the fat in the frosting and create cool patterns.

Not for the faint of heart.
We stored these in the fridge and patted ourselves on the back every time we got the hummus out, until all were eaten.



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