Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Home Grown Smoker Equals Ridiculiciousness.

If you live in PDX, you've probably heard that Home Grown Smoker's moved their second cart over to the Mississippi Marketplace pod next to Native Bowl.  This little vegan haven has raised my already pretty awesome quality of life up at least 30 notches.  Oh, and did I tell you it's a quick jaunt by foot from my house?  Yea, the houseguests are so lovin' it, I think I'm gonna start charging for clean linens.

Is it fear?  No it's just ridiculiciousness.  And yes, the platter was at least as big as my head.  Thanks for noticing.
Look at the size of that plate.  Serious biz'!  So all y'all can keep on ordering your gluten-a-licious Macnocheetos, while I'm over here happily eating my way through this insanely abundant plate o' tasty-tasty xgfx sides.  For a week!  Please don't start charging me for clean linens, Mississippi Marketplace...

This plate of food looks very 70s.
The leftovers made the best breakfast of champions, and lunch too!  Oh indeed, although I'm not convinced I'll ever be hungry again.

Home Grown Smoker II
N. Mississipi & N. Skidmore
Portland, OR


  1. Wow, that is some serious deliciousness! You're so lucky to have that close to home!

  2. Given all that I've read about Portland, Homegrown Smoker makes me feel like I'm missing out more than anything.

    1. Come visit! HGS is great because even our omnivorous friends love it.

  3. holy wow - that looks amazing. Even though I'm still on Team Gluten, I think your xgfx platter looks more up my alley than the macnoburrito or whatever it is. I've still never been to HGS, but I'm so glad to hear they are on Mississippi now - I can't wait to try them out next time!

  4. Matt and I were just there today! I'm thrilled we can now get something from both carts and share!

  5. As a deep-fried, home-grown 'n smoked southerner, I must say I was DEEPLY impressed with Homegrown Smoker. And the dudes who worked there were so kind and smart and funny! You Portland folks kill me. <3

    adriennefriend at


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