Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Figs Not Wigs.

Figs!  I've got fresh figs!
Last year, Amy and I turned them into an amazing fig-ginger preserve.  This past Summer, I dried them as they became ripe, but for this last crop of the year, I might like to try something new. 

In New Orleans, these would get preserved whole in a sugar syrup, but I'm not really feeling that.

Any suggestions? I've settled on a fig preserve with lots of citrus and ginger.  The combo can't be beat, especially since it's dual purpose.  Biscuits and Indian stuff!


  1. Fig chutney is really nice for a sweet/tart/spicy combo

  2. oh my goodness, I am crying tears of envy. I am no help to you because I love fresh figs so much I would just be shoving millions and millions of fresh figs into my face.

  3. I planted a fig tree in my front yard and the gophers slowly ate away all the roots, over a period of about 3 years. It was so sad.

  4. Ice cream! Make giant batches of delicious, scrummy fig ice cream.

  5. Ooh I looooove fresh figs, used to have a fig tree in Southern Cal many mooons ago. We ate bushels. (bushels of figs?) Anyway ginger is an extra nice spice.

  6. This is so cool. I have to admit, if I had figs, I'd just eat them. Plain. Maybe with a sweet ice wine. They are *so* rare here in their natural form, as opposed to fig newtons and the like, and *so* expensive...fig ice cream, though, good lord that sounds wonderful.

  7. Save a few fresh and cook them on a pizza! Figs are great in savory dishes!

  8. @Zoa: Fig ice cream can be made with dried figs and you can get them online for rather cheap.


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