Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Calaveras Azucar--Dia de Los Muertos

Two posts in one day, I know!  But I'm definitely still feeling the MoFo madness, and since I just finished decorating my sugar skulls today, I wanted to post the pictures.  These are for Dia de Los Muertos  (All Saints Day and All Souls Day), which is celebrated today and tomorrow.

I set these up in the kitchen with some tea lights, but I think I'll probably move 'em to a small altar in the living room this evening.  With the addition of a few photos, more flowers and maybe some chocolate chips (for one friend in particular).

These are easy to make vegan, just follow all the steps here, but instead of meringue powder, substitute in dry powdered egg replacer.



  1. Beautiful job with the sugar skulls, Kittee!

  2. 2 posts! You are a madwoman. I am imagining the sugar skulls in my twisted head.

  3. Your skulls are so pretty! I like the colors and the flowers.

  4. I like your sneaks poking thru in the first photo! :)

  5. I always look forward to your Dia de Los Muertos, Kittee. Beautiful, as always!

  6. oh kittee, they are so beautiful! <3 to you!!!

  7. Kittee--those skulls are *incredible*!!! You are so talented. How did you learn how to do those??? Amazing! xo


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