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Rites of Spring, in the Autumn--by Michelle.

Today's Vegan Zine Museum entry is brought to you by my friend ♥Michelle♥.  I have yet to try this cauliflower dish, but I have heard on numerous occasions how oh-so-tasty-good it is.  This zine is written by Brad of Please Don't Feed the Bears fame, and you can find this recipe in one of those volumes, too.  Thanks for your contribution to the museum, Michelle!

Front and Back Covers.
I am in the thick of my second year of Chinese Medical school, and while my memory gets a hefty workout on the regular, I can't for the life of me remember the name of the most lovely woman who gave me my copy of this zine. We met at a knitting night within the first week or so that I moved to town, and upon learning that I was vegan, she brought over her brother's vegan zine for me.

You can tell it's Brad by the bear illustration!
My days at knitting nights are few and far between these days, but I've had the pleasure of running into her now and again on the street sometimes and around town, like on the very long line of the movie “King Corn,” a movie I slept about half-way through. When our brother and sister-in-law came to town and wanted us to meet up with her old friend from college, weren't we surprised to find her sitting at the table!

When we first moved to town, we were amazed to discover the glory of the produce to be found here. After coming home with a cauliflower as big as my head, Aaron found Matt's Arnabit (Burned Cauliflower and Tahini Sauce)out of our new zine, and ever since, cauliflower and this recipe have pretty much become synonymous.

Matt's Arnabit (Burned Cauliflower and Tahini Sauce) makes for happy bellies and tongues.
So you burn the cauliflower. And the way you do so is, basically, by ignoring it for awhile. Then you make a simple lemon tahini sauce. The combination is HEAVEN!!!!!!

There's some more details in the book on how it's done so that you too can burn your cauliflower to perfection.
The recipe is located five pages behind the staple, so basically midway through the zine. Our zine just jumps right open to this page every time so I've never had a problem finding it. After all these years, I realized today that this is the only recipe in here that we have ever tried. Perhaps I will try the Cabin Fever Chowder some night soon?

After many many times of making this, I thought I'd try roasting the cauliflower in the oven. Aaron was all up in arms about it! He'd like to share that the stovetop is really where it's at – the cauliflower still stays juicy and not dried out and just tastes so much more awesome and he can't say enough good things about cooking it that way. Burnt Cauliflower on the stovetop 4Life!

Title: Rites of Spring: A Renewal of Mind Body and Vegan Cookery . . . For the Dumville Family
Author:  Not Listed, but a quick google search for “vegan Dumville” yielded the information that Brad Dumville also wrote Please Don't Feed the Bears. Mystery solved!
Availability: Out of Print
Size: Folded legal size paper, stapled with two staples in the middle.
Length:  65 unnumbered pages
Collection: 126 recipes
5 Recipes to Intrigue:   BBQ Wrecking Ball Loaf, Plain Ramen Just Isn't Going to Cut it Today Soup, Mars Bars, The Best Cheese Dip Ever and Cabin Fever Chowder (his sister told me it was one of her favorites)
XGFXness: It's a mixed bag of gluten-free, easy to de-glutinize, and pretty gluten-acious
Zine Wiki:  Not Listed


  1. Oven, stovetop, hey, whatever, this mixture I'm sure is made in heaven, absolutely!

  2. Hmm... I'm not usually a big fan of cauliflower, but those photos are very persuading.

  3. I can already imagine how wonderful the carmelized cauli will taste. Those illustrations are unBEARably adorable (groan...I know. I can't resist a bad pun--or a good one).

  4. my first handpies and i thought this is the way to do them. halfmoons sound pretty, too! lets do a full mooncircle next time ; )

  5. yummmm! i love cauliflower.. and i love slightly burnt cauliflower tooo! this is just perfect for me!
    Richa @ Hobby And More Food Blog


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