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Planet Vega: Big Belly Vegan Breakfast & Politics

Today's post is brought to you by Planet Vega, Vegan Cuts and the colors brown and yellow.  If you haven't checked out Vegan Cuts yet, you're missing the awesome-boat, friends.  They're an all vegan company, where you can get amazing deals on great things like fancy chocolate at super-good, let's go trick or treatin', prices.

Papa T. looks so professional up there!
They're kindly highlighting Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food this week, which is an amazing outlet for me (lots of new folks have been coming to my blog and purchasing the zine all week), so I'm hoping in return, some of my readers who might not know about them, will investigate.  NO PRESSURE!

 *And now back to "Chronicles of the Vegan Cook-Zine Museum" already in progress.*

Have you ever heard of Planet Vega?  This mighty zine boasts hearty breakfast fare and recipes range from the Orange Poppyseed Pancakes, Tofu Scramble and Ginger Coconut Granola angle to more Asian inspired offerings like red bean stuffed Humbows and Juk.   

Politics, cooking and art!  The original print on the back cover hand-pulled by Sherry Biskup
I can't remember when Planet Vega officially joined my collection, but I consider it one of my later acquisitions.  I probably scored it sometime in the 2000s. The Carrot Ginger muffins used to be in my regular muffin-rotation, but for whatever reason, I haven't opened it in ages.  I tried some new recipes today.

Rosemary Potatoes, p. 49.  They were crunchy and developed little air pockets on their sides, the way I like.
First, I made potatoes.  You can't really go wrong with taters, and since I had a bagful from the Far-Mar that were thinking about sprouting, it was sweet-sweet destiny.  This recipe is basic, but a classic-- potato wedges are tossed in grapeseed oil with salt, cayenne and freshly chopped rosemary and baked on a rimmed cookie sheet.  By chance, there's tons of rosemary growing in our 'hood, so I did a little urban farming, while Vee and I roamed this morning. 

Fancy Grits, p. 48.  So-so fanciful!
Next up, I decided to make grits.  I had to, because I love grits, and I had some already in the pantry.  Plus they matched my color theme.  This particular recipe also caught my attention because they contained freshly roasted peppers and corn niblets.  They called to me, and so I did not look away.  I did, however, listen to the potato glow in my belly, and opted instead to pour them into a Pyrex casserole to pan-fry later on in the week.  Full disclosure, I also added in some grated Follow Your heart cheeze.

Carrot Muffins, p. 35.  I ate one with strawberries, and it was super good.
Two down, and I was still raring to go, so I decided to try my luck and practice xgfxercising the ol' carrot and ginger muffin recipe.  My results were tasty like the ol' days, but a little bit chalky.  Anyone from the audience know how to avoid this, since starch additions are necessary to lighten up the heavy flours?  These were made with superfine brown rice flour, sorghum, gluten-free oat, a little teff, ground flax and tapioca. Obviously, they had some other ingredients including grated carrot and lots of fresh ginger, but you're smart, you knew that. I appreciate that about you.

The Brown Family Portrait.
Besides recipes, the zine is filled with helpful articles and information.  There's the ubiquitous page on egg replacers, but you can also read about such important things as identity, Mumia Abul-Jamal, PCBs and the joys of rBGH.

Cute inside action.
  • Title: Planet Vega
  • Author:  Eva Marie, Jane Mei and Contributors
  • Availability:  Not sure if this is current, but here's the contact email.
  • Size:   4.25″ x 8.5″ (half sized) / Stapled
  • Length: 59 pages
  • Collection:  34 recipes plus a ton of prose including an article on scary PCBs and a sticker.
  • 5 Recipes to IntrigueGinger Pears, Walnut Olive Spread, Ginger Coconut Granola, Peanut Butter French Toast and Humbows.
  • XGFXness: If you can xgxercise, you'll be OK, but many recipes contain gluten.
  • Zine Wiki: Not listed
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    1. Yet another fabulous MOFO post, I think your cook-zine theme is absolutely inspired!!! Your site is my new favorite MOFO site, keep up the good work!

    2. Love your green shoes!
      And I think your posts are awesome!

    3. Brilliant! I seriously love the zines! I may have to look into adding this gem to my collection.

    4. Hooray! I love Vegan Cuts, Papa Tofu Love Ethiopian, and scavenging fresh rosemary around PDX. There are huge bushes of it everywhere :)

      Happy MoFo!

    5. Thanks y'all! So glad you're enjoying these posts.

      And--Aw, Amanda--grits ARE good.

    6. I love the air pockets on potatoes too - but have never really learned the way to create them.

    7. I love grits! and want those kicks! That's some mega kick ass breakfast. I'm not sure if I would need to run up Mt Rushmore or take a 2 day snooze after that delicious stuff.


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