Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bark + Grass Number 2: Revolution Supper

Let's pretend you're the type of person who likes peanut butter.  And, let's say you just ate a nice big fat spoon of it, whilst carefully avoiding any drippage that might fall into the open utensil drawer you were standing over while slurping it.  Unfortunately, it seems the big spoon of peanut butter did nothing but whet your appetite for more, I mean that's what a little peanut butter can do to a gal.  So let's imagine you were looking for an excuse to eat even a little more of that nummy nut stuff.  Excellent! Today's zine spotlight--Spicy Sweet Potatoes-- seems to be the exact solution you were looking for.

This recipe was scooped right out of  Bark + Grass Number 2:  Revolution Supper, but I can't direct you to an exact page number, because fuck page numbers, this is a punk DIY Cut + Paste Revolution style zine and page numbers are for The Man. 

However I can direct you to the general location of this recipe.  If you happen upon this zine, you can find the Spicy Sweet Potatoes right between the Armenian Yams and Lemon Broccoli in the first 1/3 of the publication. 

While we're at it, F*ck Thanksgiving, too.
I'm pretty sure Bark + Grass was one of the first two zines I ever laid my hands upon.  From its size, color, font and graphics to its recipes and information, this zine appeals to my girlie sensibilities in ways other zine classics like Soy! Not Oi! never did.  My favorite things about it are the rubber stamped stars and chapter titles, plus Moon, whoever she is and her mom are referenced throughout.  I also love the size of the zine and its cut and pastiness.

Right, the sweet potatoes.  They were super fast to make and surprisingly tasty.  Well it surprised me at least.  Since the directions were a bit lacking, I feared the taste might lag as well.  Happily wrong, here!  Basically, you steam cubed and peeled sweet potatoes in an inch of water until fork tender.  The potatoes are scooped out and tamari, peanut butter, jalapeno and fresh ginger are mixed into the remaining cooking water to create a sauce.  The sweet potatoes are added back in, seasoned to taste and served.  I added a squirt of fresh lime juice and some chopped cilantro for a little more pick-up, but you get the idea.

I acknowledge the Spicy Sweet Potatoes in this photo look a bit like gack, but I swear they were tasty.  Under the advisement of Megan McClellan, I have been approved to post this picture anyway.  Please direct any criticism or complaints to her office.
  • Title:  Bark + Grass Number 2:  Revolution Supper
  • AuthorPositive Press Product / Cut + Paste Revolution
  • Availability Available as a re-print from AK Press
  • Size:   6.5″ x 8.5″ (legal half sized) / Stapled
  • Length 66 pages
  • Collection:   109 recipes plus instructions for making your own cleaning supplies.
  • 5 Recipes to IntrigueRevolution Grrrlic Style Now with Sun-Dried Tomatoes (pasta), Coconut Clusters, Raspberry Chocolate Pudding, Armenian Yams and Pernice Penne
  • XGFXness: There's lots of xgfx sides in here, but all the baked goods are wheat-errific.
  • Zine Wiki: Not listed


  1. I think the sweet taters look yummers.

  2. Those look really tasty to me! I think I need this zine!

  3. That sounds delicious! Your first paragraph explains why I don't keep the peanut butter too close to the utensil drawer.

  4. Oh wait I thought peanut butter jars were appendages.
    Truly a Zine after my own heart.

  5. What a combo of awesome flavors! I nominated you for a Leibster award on my blog http://newmanimproved.blogspot.com/ Thanks for all of the vegan/GF goodness!

  6. Those sweet potatoes look super good to me, covered in their peanutty sauce, thanks for including the process, I'm going to try this.

  7. That zine is exactly my style too with it's stars & cut & pasteyness! Your sweet potatoes sound yummy too & I'm intrigued by the raspberry chocolate pudding.

  8. So awesome to see you making something from Bark & Grass No2!! I've had a copy since forever ago but haven't cooked from it for a long time. I'll have to try this!


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