Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Activate your VeganMoFo Tsunami Alarms!

Hot damn.

Here's a pop-in post to alert you to the news that VeganMoFo V is approaching at an alarming rate (how come things with a V at the end always sound so Superbowlish?).  This year, It'll be taking place throughout the month of October, and this here blog will be participating.  If you'd like to join the vegan nonsense, the signup form can be found here.

We're also hoping to blog from XGFX, but need help with that.  So if you can't commit to the onslaught that's MoFo, but are craving for a way to participate and are interested in writing a vegan and gluten-free guest post about what you did with vegan marshmallows last Sunday at your momma in law's (Oh no you didn't), then comment here. 

If you've been peekin' in on this blog over the last few weeks, you've probably already been rushed to the ER for multiple neon induced LSD flashback seizures, because I've been playing a game with the colors and patterns around here.  I play hard, too, and in a no-nonsense non-apologetic sorta way.  I'm trying to spruce things up for MoFo and bust the chops out of Blogger all at once and as much as possible.  So the news is I'm transitioning away from Etsy and will have a very basic shop linked from here shortly, plus I've been adding extra pages all around this place to plump it up a bit and make it more fun.  There's an ever changing "about" section up now, plus I hope to have lots of other info soon, including xgfx baking tips, Ethiopian recipe links and Portland vegan White Russian reviews, because VWRs are important shit.

As far as MoFo goes, I won't have a theme, as per my normal, although I'm hoping to use the month to document and archive my ever-expanding vegan cookzine collection and to finish up my next cooklet. I'd also like to turn a section of this blog into a virtual museum of vegan zine lore, since I'm pretty sure none exists.  Of course, I'll also be writing off the cuff, since I write better that way, but also since I sorta think that blogging ahead and banking  MoFo posts is cheating.

There I said it. 

I still love all y'all.  And since I just came back from the coast and haven't been cooking and don't have a cat, I'll leave you with a classic "Where's Kittee?" shot from the fabulous conference that was Vida Vegan.

That was such a great weekend, but it left me extremely thirsty.



  1. I already signed up! I'm very excited--I can't keep up with themes, and some days will mostly be a picture, but this is such a fun event to be part of. Thanks for doing so much behind-the-scenes work to ensure that it is extra awesome.

  2. woo HOO - I already have ONE guest post for xgfx written!

    I love the last photo - I found you right away - you can also play "where's spabettie?" - I'm off to the right, wearing a bright white watch, looking like I'm standing tall and looking at the camera!? :)

  3. I was just thinking it was time for MOFO to come around. Yay!!!

  4. Sluuuuurp, sip. I signed up and you better have cook dates with me or else...

  5. Wow, is it Mofo time already? Gosh, time really flies... Can't wait to see your posts, and totes agree about banking= cheating.

  6. I'm MoFoing again this year! If I'm feeling really overzealous I may write a guest post for xgfx at some point - but all of my MoFo recipes will be xgfx, and many of them raw as well.


  7. I'm looking forward to Vegan Mofo....didn't participate last year and am glad to hop back on the vegan train.


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