Monday, March 28, 2011

Green Crackers

These crackers are the culmination of 1. wanting to eat more raw kale, 2. wanting to use my dehydrator more, and 3. not being a fan of tons of slimy flax in crunchy things. I've followed a few cracker recipes here and there, but haven't ended up with anything delicious and most of the recipes I find consist of 90% flax, not what I'm looking for. Over on Alberta, our co-op sells some raw crackers in bulk I really like. They have super healthful ingredients, a great texture and flavor, but they cost $2.00 per cracker. Not very budgetary. So I bought some crackers, used their incredible nutritional resources to assist my brain in remembering their ingredients and ran home to try my own hand at some.

My results are still experimental--very good for a first try, but not quite as tasty as I want them to be. Plus, I forgot to add a little vinegar to 'em, and I was out of parsley. But even so, I rate them a high success, our favorite yet to pop out of the ol' Excalibur. Plus, just a couple-o'-small ones fill me up for a few hours, surely a sign of a good snack. Next go, I'll write down all the measurements and what-nots in case anyone else wants to give them a fling.

Simple ingredients: soaked sunflower seeds, kale, celery, a handful of golden flax, cilantro, salt and a little nutritional yeast.



  1. Great recipe. I am also not a fan of the raw crackers seemingly composed of 90 per cent flax seeds. Eee... But I do love it when they're made of buckwheat. Have you tried that?

  2. These crackers look delish! I can't wait to see the recipe. I still need to get the dehydrator too though. I like flax crackers, but I get sick of the flavor after a while. You know?

  3. Those look great! I'm keeping my eye out at garage sales for a dehydrator!

  4. Hey! Just wanted to say that I like your blog and keep the good work up! More super vegans like us are needed in the world ;)

    I run a similar blog with a bit more sarcasm to it though:

    Take care!

  5. This looks amazing! Ive been wanting to get a dehydrator for a while, but seeing this makes me really want one now! What kind of dehydrator do you use?

  6. Beauties! This may be the recipe that finally forces me to buy a dehydrator. Can't wait for the details!

  7. Please do share this recipe! I've been trying to eat more kale and use my dehydrator more, so this looks perfect for me to try! I bet these babies would be great slathered with some garlicky hummus. Yum!

  8. Those look so damn good I want to lick the screen.

  9. They look like something I wish was in my dehydrator right now!

  10. Not having a dehydrator, can these be place in a low temp oven for a given period of time to get the same effect??

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