Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cupcake Sugar Bombs

I can't think of a better way to start the new year, than by baking sweets loaded with sugar and watching my friends' heads pop off, so that's what I did. These are tasty! Banana cupcakes stuffed to the brim with a creme filling, doused with a little bit of white chocolate peanut butter and then dunked into even more sugar. There's something about sealing cupcakes in candy crusts that makes my heart go fwap-fwap-fwap. Not a sugar buzz fwap either, or the scary dentist kind--it's more like a real fwap full o' love and good wishes.
This recipe's a sneak peak from the xgfx zine I'm working on! It's sort of long and a little bit involved, so how about an old fashioned .pdf file instead? Is that annoying? At least you can print it out, and it keeps the blog pretty? And if you're going that route, how about another one, too? For the creme fillin'? Super yumz times twelve!

That squiggle up there is peanut butter...
While I'm fwappin' about cupcakes, you should know I've finally been introduced to two gluten free baking cookbooks that are almost entirely vegan, and that I like--it's an allergy friendly miracle for the whole family! My friend Amy introduced me to the first, called Cookies for Everyone--dumb name, but delicious cookies. We made carrot cookies stuffed with an oreo type creme filling that were really good, and then I made citrus snowball cookies for Dazee's office party. They reminded me of these sour lemon cookies that came in a yellow box from when I was a kid--similar to Mexican Wedding cookies, but loaded with lime and crusted in a sugar glaze. The best part about this book? The recipes are great as is--no need to switch things around like I do when I try to bake from Flying Apron, and nothing tastes "beany." My poor rusty de-glutenizer can finally get that much needed vacay and lube job.
Of course I brought balls to Dazee's work party, what else?



  1. They look so so so awesome. Any suggestions for what I can replace the oat flour with?

    Thanks for sharing the baking book info Us gleegans need all the help we can get :-)

  2. yay new post! I'm a big big fan of your blog, spent most of my free time this christmas reading throught your archives, and got millions of cups of inspiration for tasty thingies. best wishes for the new year/becko aka Skafferi Alkemi

  3. That's what I'm talking about!! YUM!

  4. Those pics look fantabulicious!!

    I remember a cookie from times past like those citrus balls- so sweet and sour- mmmm, I can almost taste 'em now...

  5. Don't come a knockin' if the guests heads are a poppin'. What?

  6. re inflammation: your kimchee will be great.. ginger, cayenne, lots of greens and sadly limited sugar helps... also, turmeric .. I add it to almost everything ..

    I was diagnosed with lupus and have really really found a HUGE difference by eating lots of these foods.. kind of gross, but very medicinal is a smoothie made from greens, bananas, lots of hot peppers and ginger.. drinking a quart a day makes me feel marvelous.. I NEED to start doing that tomorrow.
    Do you have an autoimmune condition? I might do a big post about the health issues I've faced and how I've used food as my medicine.. but I don't want to come accross like I'm an expert or anything.. just what has worked for me. it's hard to do a post like that sometimes...

    Good luck with whatever is ailing you. It really sucks to feel crummy all the time.

  7. Pretty!! You have cupcake skillz Vanilla Ice couldn't even surpass.

  8. *fwap-fwap-fwap* How pretty and girly and colorful and sweet! Oh man, I want a gluten free baking cookbook! Why must I always be broke?!

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