Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Balanced Cookies

It feels really good to bake again.
The temper tantrum I threw when I first went gluten free lasted a good 18 months or longer, in fact, I'm not even sure I've completely shaken it. I still have a crazy-long learning curve before me, but I'm super glad I'm finally headed in the right direction. Especially since I've finally found (thanks to some good friends) a few recipes that make fun, delicious xgfx morsels I can get behind. Wink wink.

Speaking of winking, Melisser's in town and today she's signing copies of her new book The Girl's Guide to Life at Herbivore. Since I wanted to bring along some excellent xgfx treats to share, I decided to give the Carrot Cake Mini Marvels from Cookies for Everyone another go, but this time with a few modifications. Amy and I made these last month, and they were so very sweet--and that's saying a lot, cuz' I like sweet stuff. So I cut the sugar back by 25 percent, added chopped candied ginger instead of raisins, used a different but similar flour blend, added more salt and filled them with the cream cheeze cookie filling from Papa Tofu, instead of the one in the recipe.

These are delicious cookies! I would never guess they're gluten-free, and they're pretty healthy as far as cookies go. Whole grain flours, lots of fiber from carrots, homemade applesauce* and flax, plus the cookie base contains no palm--just oil and is free of the Devil's Powder! So nice.

Come out tonight and say hi! The book signing is from 5-8PM at Herbivore (SE 12th and Stark).

*I never buy applesauce for baking. Just core an apple, chop it up coarsely and throw it into a little bit of water in a small saucepan. Simmer for 10-15 minutes, drain and puree. One medium apple yields about 1/2 cup of awesomesauce.


  1. I don't buy applesauce either.. my method is lazy.. I just puree it in the food processor..

    Those cookies look fantastic.

    Unfortunately, I have become a really good GF baker because of my last job.. I baked vegan GF almost exclusively.. and developed a freaken sweet tooth.

  2. Oh man, those cookies sound great! Jealous!

  3. Hot damn! I do love sprinkles...

    Good tip for the applesauce too!

  4. I know how you feel about gluten free, my boyfriend is trying to cut it out and I feel exhausted just thinking about gluten free bagels and muffins. But these look great, and I guess it will only get easier!

  5. They look so pretty! Great job!

  6. Your cookies we incredible!!! I shared mine with Tim because I was full from all those crackers you stuffed into my pockets.

  7. Sprinkles on cookies! They look like a magical unicorn made them! *WANT*

    I've been avoiding wheat for a few weeks. Without giving you TMI, let's just say that if I eat wheat - you will find me eating prunes later. That's all I'm sayin'.

  8. My temper tantrum about going GF lasted about a decade. Glad you are over yours sooner.

    Heh, Devil's power, yeah I try to stay away from that stuff.

  9. so cute! where did you find non-pareils that don't use confectioner's glaze. i've been looking forever....

  10. Hello, this is the Devil, of Devil's Powder. Thanks for keeping my name out there.
    The Devil
    Devil's Powder

  11. Glad to know I wasn't the only one who threw a temper tantrum! I am only about 4 months in and it is frustrating. It is nice to stumble upon another gluten free vegan. Thanks for your blog!

  12. Oh yum! Those cookies look so cute. Too bad I've given up sugar for the most part :(

    I think I'm gonna be going down the same path as you, so I have to admit I'm glad to have you to look to for inspiration 'cause I'm not loking forward to giving up seitan worshiping.

    I'll console myself with your pumpkin bagel recipe (once your zine comes out.) Until then, well, I hope I can be as cheerful as you about xgfx.

  13. O my Lord. I love the photos, and am afraid to say that my oven-less kitchen is receiving a lot of scorn from yours truly at the moment. What I'd give to make these puppies!

    And yeah, applesnazz sans grocery jar is the bestest ever.
    Joanna @ Stoveless

  14. These look absolutely darling, Kittee!


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