Monday, November 15, 2010

Xgfx Baking is Like Walking in Outerspace.

Today, I've been playing with xgfx chocolate chip cookies. The results were tasty, but not what I hoped for. I used a mixture of oat flour, finely milled brown rice flour and Mochiko with xantham gum, baking soda, baking powder and homemade applesauce as a binder. Plus the regular stuff like vegan margarine, sugar, vanilla, salt, etc.

Last year, I started making my own "baking" applesauce, when I first started to play with gluten-free vegan baking in the form of muffins. Basically, I just chop up an apple with a little bit of water and let it soften up over medium heat, then puree it with an immersion blender. It works as good as the stuff you buy, and is better for me, since apples are abundant here, and applesauce I buy is usually left to spoil in the fridge before I can bottom it out.

So back to the cookies. Oat flour is a weird thing. It works really great in converting most of my baked good recipes, but when I've tried it in a non-chocolate cookies, the resulting texture is "light and airy." Not a horrible thing, but not what I want in my chocolate chip cookies. Can anyone shed insight into this phenomena?


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  1. I don't know. I have done a lot of GF baking.. but for the majority of it I used Bob's GF AP baking mix as the flour and golden flax and water as the binder ... mostly with excellent results.

  2. i'm afraid i'm not going to be too helpful on the odd oats phenomena because the one time i used oatflour to make chocolate chip cookies they spread like mad and were more like lace cookies. eek! i got all sadfaced and haven't used oats in cookies since, but i do use oat flour in muffins & cuppies all the time with the yummiest of results. you know, maybe the combination of oat flour and applecause = super light and airy, and perhaps oil + oats (instead of applesauce) will get ya chewier/crispier results. i find applesauce in cookies can make 'em more cake-like and perhaps with oat flour it's just a combination for crazy fluff. i dunno. i don't know what i'm talk'n about, methinks. ;) sorry, kittee. awesome idea on the homemade applesauce. i started buying those little individual sized applesauce thingies because when i bought jars of the stuff it'd go bad, but i always felt bad about all the plastic packaging (although better about less food waste). i'm gonna use your idea from now on. thank you!

  3. Like Jessy, I don't know specifically about the airy oat flour phenomenon, but I'd go with her guess about apple sauce since I get super airy results with it. I'd use banana or yogurt instead, maybe a flax egg. I love using sorghum + quinoa flour + starch combos in my cookies, but I should play more with oat flour!

  4. I don't know anything about xGFx baking, but I have to compliment your excellent illustration. It's great.

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  6. I'm clearly not an expert on gluten-free baking (or any kind of baking!), but I wonder if it's the applesauce. I use applesauce ALL THE TIME, but usually only in sweet breads, muffins, and cakes. I think it makes things super moist and extra cakey- not so much what you're going for in a cookie.

    That blue jay seems to be enjoying his cookie, though.

  7. I am sorry your cookies didn't work out. That is a pretty awesome picture though.

  8. I think the apple sauce is the culprit, Kittee! Every time I try to use some in cookies, they turn out too cakey. But I love your simple solution for homemade applesauce! The same thing alays happens to me - I can never get through the jar before it spoils. I started buying individual serving containers of organic applesauce (the type for packing a lunch for kids), but I like your solution better!!


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