Friday, November 12, 2010

Methi Moochers

Here's what Vegan MoFo makes me want to do all day long:

I found it linked from Vegan Wheekers, where there's a lot more cute 'n' fat Guinea Pig action happenin', if you seek it.

I bet the little wheekers would enjoy all of this fenugreek I've been sprouting.

Now I just have to decide what to do with all of it. It tastes pretty good solo, so I may try to sprout some in a jar the more traditional way next time, for salads and whatnots, but for the time being, I'm going to let these grow for a bit longer. I think they're supposed to get "real" leaves, before they're harvested, which could mean another couple of weeks.

In Hindi, fenugreek is called methi, and there are a lot of ways to use it in culinary wonders. Some folks chop it and add to dal, or mix it with flour for paratha (flatbread) and there's a popular dish called methi mattar malai that might just be The Awesomez--especially transformed with a thick cashew creme.

There is a whole universe of vegetarian Indian blogs in cyberspace to investigate. If you're not careful, you might get lost for weeks, or even months. Easily, the entire month of MoFo could be taken up wandering amongst them breathlessly, with a stream of drool falling from your mouth. Of course, the drool is useful, otherwise you'd never find your way home again (unless you're like me and just wander in endless circles gaping wide-eyed and hungrily).

One of my favorite blogs, Mahanandi, which specializes in food from Andhra Pradesh in South India, suggests combining fresh methi with avocado and flour to make chapatis. Avocado mashed into a bread? wHOooOOOoa. I might have to try that with oat and sorghum and see how it works, 'cuz it makes me cross-eyed to think about.

Here are my top runners (besides the avocado paratha):
Which would you make?


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  1. Damn! I'm taking my GPS before I go get myself lost in all the MoFo magic, and they if I go get myself lost in India with brilliant food blogs I don't know if I'd find my way home.

    Ok, I don't actually have a GPS.

    All three look good, but I would probably make the Methi Mutter Malai, because I'm crazy for peas.

  2. Kittee, you are a genius! I never thought of sprouting some fenugreek to make methi. Those greens aren't available here and I always wanted to try them.

  3. the little fenugreek sprouts look so happy! i bet it's because they know they're gonna be used to create awesomeness soon. i love Mahanandi, too - and were i to pick, i'd go with the methi mutter malai. peas. cream sauce. 'nuff said. :)

  4. check me out! I'm online! reading mofo! it's rad & unexpected. I have to agree with mihl... it really is genius to sprout fenugreek and make your own methi. The breads sound amazing... but really, it all does! I think there are some methi recipes in World Vegetarian. xo!

  5. I've been seeing a lot of spouting kits lately, looks fun! :)


  6. i don't think i know what fenugreek is but it sounds similar to fennel, which makes me contort my face in nongoodlooking ways.
    also, i have a weird relationship with Indian food, i think it tastes good (as long as i don't get a lot of coriander), but i don't get excited about it, so i would never put any effort on making it myself.
    i know, you're very sad for me right now, aren't you, kittee? so is Kim, i'm sure.

  7. Sprouting anything sounds like quite an undertaking.

    I think I need to adopt a guinea pig to eat up all my veggie peelings!

  8. It's like a Guinea Pig *nom nom nom* race!

    I'm gonna have to vote for the Aloo Methi, because I always side with potatoes.

  9. Whoa. You are truly amazing! I didn't even know one could sprout fenugreek!

  10. How about ALL four, PLUS the avocado paratha. Yeah.


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