Thursday, November 25, 2010

Give Thanks and Eat Coconut Ice Cream.

Bop on over to my Thanksgiving post on the Vegan MoFo Blog and help me interview the most amazing vegan matriarch of all, Louise Hagler. You might win some delicious Coconut Bliss ice cream, too!



  1. Hey! You're wearing my apron! And, what's a coconut?

  2. I recently discovered this book and I am blown away by it's awesomeness...and REALLY blown away at how ahead of its time it was. I'm going to think really hard and try to contribute a thought-provoking, or at least half-witty question or two for your interview - I can't wait to hear what this amazing woman has to say! p.s love the photo :)

  3. kittee,
    I have been checkin out your blog every few hours for a few days b/c i am just so excited about the prospect of the coconutty pint packages. no rush, no pressure, just sayin.
    And in the interim, I've read all of your november posts over again and think its lovely that you blog to an audience of special internet friends and think all your posts are outrageously funny and totally totally unparalleled in the blogosphere (if not the whole starry wide universe!)
    katy sparrow on wrightsville beach, nc

  4. kathy sparrow! i am going to try really hard to get to the coconut bliss today. i have been feeling really bad and am trying not to push myself. but thank you for letting me know you are excited at the prospect--it is a good no pressure motivator. and your comments about my blog are really nice and appreciated. <3


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