Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fenugreek Look Like Bedbugs.

Following a tip from someone on the PPK forums, I visited a really nice, fairly stocked East Indian grocery store today. Bonus 1: Not too far from the house. Bonus 2: They sell fresh curry leaves, and Bonus 3: The folks who run/own it are crazy helpful and nice--they were really engaging in my quest to find some cream of rice cereal (I have some xgfx upma plans in the near future). While they didn't have what I wanted, the owners were super interested and asked me to let them know if I end up finding any. Upon further Googling, I'm pretty certain I'll be able to find this at a conventional supermarket.

Besides my beloved curry leaves, they also had the devil bunny brand of papadam I like--with cumin seeds even! Papadam trivia: 1. Did you know papadam are naturally xgfx? 2. And, did you know you can easily toast them over a gas flame with tongs, or microwave them on a plate for about 30 seconds (watch carefully, they burn super fast).

Because I am all out, and because you can never have enough, I scooped up some chana besan (chickpea flour), while I was there, too.--and cumin seeds, which I didn't photograph.
They also had a pretty neat assortment of cookbooks. These little tiny ones were all over the bookstores in South India for only a few rupees, they cost a bunch more here--some are awesome and some don't convert to Western cooking so well.
I was really surprised to see this tiffin book, too. I actually bought a copy of it when we were there traveling, it's good for South Indian specialties like dosai and idli 'n' stuff. If you're reading this locally, you might want to head over there to scoop it up, especially if you're fond of dosai, sambar and culinary escapades.
When I got home, I was all drunk off the smell of fresh curry leaves and cumin seeds. So I pulled out a bunch of fenugreek/methi seeds and set them in some dirt to sprout. I've been wanting to grow some fresh methi for a long time, I've never tried to cook with it before.

Fiji Emporium
7814 N. Interstate Ave.
Portland, Oregon
Phone : (503) 240-2768

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  1. Why yes, I would like over 120 varieties of idlis and dosas. I really like the word idli.

  2. That store sounds wonderful, and I love the pictures of the things you got there! I've only ever deep-fried pappadams, I didn't know there were other ways to prepare them. Good to know. The ones with cumin seeds sound especially tasty!

  3. ooh, fenugreek leaves are very yummy. Good idea to grow some indoors! Also, thanks for the papadam cooking tips. I have always been weirded out by them at home, since I refuse to fry. thank you!

  4. Bob's Red Mill also sells some good besan, if you can getdown there. I like the 25 lb bags <3. Have you tried Manjula Jain's recipe for besan dosas?

  5. I will likely be going there soon! Thanks for the tip, Kittee!

  6. Well fart, now I want fresh curry leaves! We should go there soon!

  7. Haha... we get those pappadoms in Glasgow too. The bunny is great... isn't there something about women's lib written on the package too? (Or is that just a weird dream I had.)

  8. What? Papadams are naturally gf?! The possibility had never even occured to me - thanks so much for sharing! I know what I'll be looking for the next time I make it to the Asian shops...

  9. Yes! Just last week, I took a trip to the Indian grocery store the next town over and bought those very same jeera papadam and fresh curry leaves.
    The evil papadam bunny unsettles me so much that I have to put the package face down on the shelf.


  10. I still have that Fenugreek you gave me back in NOLA!! ♥

  11. Your cookbook score is awesome! And, yep, I find cream of rice at the regular store. I can't wait to see if it works out for you!

  12. Hi Kittee, did you know there's commerical for the bunny papadum?


  13. jecca! you are the best for posting that youtube video!!

  14. wow! i want those papadums based solely on the bunny. i am very easy to market to...all it takes is a picture of a bunny. or a squirrel. or the promise of super powers. but mostly bunnies.

  15. I have never had papadum nor do I understand anything they are saying in the video, but I just watched it like 5 times in a row...it was that awesome...now I wanna try them!


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