Sunday, March 28, 2010

Human Sewing Machine

My super power is a human sewing machine. I can serge and sew zigzags with my teeth, if I drink enough kombucha. Too bad the super fizzy kombucha from the store is so much money, and too bag that my homebrewed kombucha is no where near as good (yet). I have some stewing on top of the fridge, but my hopes are not high for super fizzy stuff. I've developed quite an addiction, along with Back to Eden's cheezecake--the two go hand in hand, especially for extra long seams. So far I have had: peanut butter, peanut butter with chocolate ganache, maple, orange with chocolate ganache, strawberry with chocolate ganache X2, lemon with blueberry sauce and chocolate. Probably a few others, too. It is a bad habit, but like I said no kombucha, no sewing with super human strength.

I've found a few great vegan video shows online recently. I want to share them with you. My favorite is The Tofu Guru put together by Brittany. She is pretty awesome (unlike mine, her awesome may or may not be fueled by kombucha).

Here's the newest episode, which was just uploaded a few hours ago. It's about popcorn, and it's in 3-D. You'll actually need those cool red and blue filmed glasses to view it without a headache, or just click on the link she gives you to go to the boring 2D version.

Stovetop Popcorn in 3D! from Brittany on Vimeo.

I watched both, but since I don't have the cool glasses and I also finished my kombucha ages ago, the first one made me slightly dizzy.

I also like Heavy Metal Vegan Cooking quite a bit. They are a bit more involved than The Tofu Guru, but then again, Brittany does not have a vegan metal bunny in her videos.

Here's my favorite episode so far.

Also, this is generally unrelated, but if anyone reading this has had success making non-soy tempeh at home, can you please report in?



  1. what do you make non soy tempeh from?

  2. I know someone who has made split pea tempeh before, but I have not yet made the attempt. I'm working on mastering the soy kind first, then I will surely report on it.

  3. I wish I had sewing skills. I just don't have the patience to thread that darn needle in the sewing machine. Lame, I know.

  4. i want to sew my own bathing suit this year. maybe I can just send you a picture of what I want + a case of fancy fizzy booch and you can make it for me?

  5. hi thanx for da links
    i really liked da "Heavy Metal Vegan Cooking" thing

  6. I haven't done non-soy tempeh, but there are long discussions of the different stuff you can make it from (and what not to use) in The Book of Tempeh by Shurtleff & Aoyagi (and I can vouch for their soy directions). You might email Louise Hagler, too - she is an awesome tempeh maker.

  7. Don't despair! Your homemade 'booch will be equally yummy; just different. My new treat is brewing it strong, then making a "kombucha spritzer" by combining it with a little soda water. Take that, GT Dave!

  8. I had black bean tempeh in LA! Also, the videos are fun!

  9. Thanks for posting that Heavy Metal Vegan Cooking link! It made my morning!


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