Monday, October 26, 2009

XgfX Action.

A few days ago, Carlyn posted these perfect looking peanut butter cookies, which spurred me to try making a gluten free version. Having a full bin of The Devil's Baking Mix in the freezer, and a big desire for warm cookies I gave it a shot.
Besides using the non wheat flour mix, my only change was to stir in a handful of chocolate chips. At first, I hated the way these tasted, but after sitting for a day, I rather like them. Dazee was a huge fan right off the cooling rack, but for me, I could detect an off putting beany note. I come from the no beans in my baked goods school, so this was a bummer. I swear the xanthan gum leaves a slimy residue in my mouth, am I making this up? Since I keep hearing about the virtues of sorghum flour, it's next on my list of flours to try.
At least they are very pretty.

Then yesterday, I was on my way to a holiday food kinda potluck and decided to make a XgfX cabbage and mushroom galette (based on this one, but modified a bit) along with these amazing caramelized shallots. Holy crap, make the shallots--they were so delicious (I just subbed Earth Balance and balsamic vinegar). I also made my mom's fruit compote, 'cuz there ain't nothing like the holidays without it. I love the way the sticky juice liquid melds with savory things like stuffing and potatoes on my plate.
Gluten free potluck tag, galette pre-baking.

For the galette, I made the pandowdy crust I wrote about recently, sans sugar. The crust came together well, it had a nice flavor with the roasted hazelnuts, but this time, the texture was overly crumbly; disappointingly so. Especially after using all the spendy ingredients. Mitten Machen is also on the search for a sturdier vegan and gluten free pie crust, so if you can help us, please holler. Still, I just ate the leftovers and it was yummy, just not as perfect as I want.


P.S. Hannah is getting the last XgfX Primal Strip, but I still have a few gluten-y ones. Comment on this post if you want one!


  1. That savory galette looks stunning! My xgfx crust held up the same after two more tries, so I think it's almost safe to call if golden...I'm sure I'll mess up on the fourth try though.

  2. Have you tried coconut flour? There are limits to how much you can add but maybe it could sub for some of the beany stuff.

  3. I want a primal strip, oh pretty pretty please pretty kittee!

  4. o please please please with cherries on top may I have a primal strip
    pretty please...

  5. To make something gluten-free, do you just have to swap out the flour?

    I received my Primal Strip! I cannot wait to try it! Thank you!

  6. That looks amazing kittee!

    I was so sad our local health food store has stopped selling primal strips! Withdrawals are serious yo.

  7. My mom has Crohn's and Celiac disease and I've been trying to find a good recipe to make her xGFx focaccia. I tried one last year and it didn't rise at all. I think Bob's xGFx flour mix + xantham gum in a regular vegan focaccia recipe would do the trick, but I'm wary to try. Do you think it'd work?

  8. When did you go gluten free, Kittee? Did you develop an allergy? A good friend of mine has Celiac, so I'm gotten good at looking out for no good gluten in things.

  9. The cabbage mushroom filling sounds really good, kittee. I'm sure it was delicious with that nutty crust. I ate leftover gluten-free apple pie for breakfast today. It was good, but ugly.

    I will try the crust from the link you sent me. She (Jes) used Bob's Red Mill XgfX mix and chickpea flour. She swears you can't taste the chickpea flour, but I'm skeptical. I love chickpea flour, but in samosas, not for dessert.

    I bought the ingredients for the tricked-out caramel apples you made last year. I'm going to make them Wednesday or Thursday. I'm so excited!

  10. I have not noticed slimy residue from the xantham, but maybe it's because I'm too distracted by the crumbly, grainy, brick-like texture of all my baked goods. I made a pizza crust from a mix this weekend that I'm not going to blog about because it was disgusting and very slimy.

  11. Those cookies certainly *are* pretty! Don't give up on the chickpea flour. I cook with it all the time and I love it. The "beany" taste is the taste of the raw flour. You might experiment with roasting it lightly before using. Many Indian cookbooks have great ideas for manipulating this and other bean flours to make them palatable and delicious...

  12. Those cookies look adorable, glad to hear you started to like them after a while. How could you not - they have chocolate in there!!? Your galette turned out much better than my Benicio del Toro....

  13. You made the fruit compote? That was one of my favorite dishes of the night!!! So good!!!

    I'm sorry I didn't say hello (insert super sad face here), I probably would have tripped and spilled my food everywhere in a graceful attempt.

  14. hey kittee!

    yr galette and cookies look so tasty! i am a baker at a vegan and gluten free kitchen. i have some ideas for you about vegan gluten-free baking if yr interested. i completely understand when you mention the strange tastes of xantham gum and the beanyness of the mix.
    let me know! xoxo, kristen aka tuffcakes

  15. Kittee, sorry your baking adventures haven't been as good as you were hoping. It looks super good though!

  16. those cookies look delicious :)


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