Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sunday's Sundae

We had a gal-pal crafty afternoon last weekend, followed by a walk down the street to investigate the brand new Back to Eden Bakery Boutique. Because one vegan bakery is never enough.

There were all sorts of lovely things to admire, and being the good friend I am, I picked dazee up a gorgeous slice of marionberry pie. They even had pretty XgfX muffins in the case, but the idea of 'em just wasn't quite flippin' my tizzies. Instead, I ordered one of my favorites, a decadent multi topping topped sundae. Sundae on Sunday=the perfect meal.
I chose the five buck deal: a very large dish of vanilla Coconut Bliss, topped with thick homemade caramel, peanuts and granola. This thing was freakin' enormous, and it hurt me to eat it all, which of course I did. Glory, glory.

My pickle liking friend, Michelle brought her own bowl, so she got even more ice cream than me. I could be wrong, but I believe she also went for the bang with Chicago Soydairy's vanilla soft serve, chocolate sauce, chocolate chips and crushed Newman O's.

Back to Eden Bakery Boutique
2217 NE Alberta Street
New Portleans, OR 97211

Oh yum.

Claryn is getting Primal Strip#3. Let me know in your comment if you want one, I have about 15 more!


  1. I scream for ice cream!
    Please can I have a primal strip Kittee.

  2. Oh my god, and coconut bliss is so filling on its own. You are the champ! That caramel looks mighty tasty.

  3. Caramellllllllllnooooommmmmmmm!

    Looks so good, I love Coconut Bliss.

    I would like a primal strip! :D

  4. aw, i want sundaes every sunday!

    i think i got the coconut bliss that day, but then a couple days later, i got the softserve! Both made my head spin! in a good way, of course!


  5. Oh my, the perfect sunday/ae!

  6. oh what a super cutie pie picture!!!!

    that sundae looks positively lethal! in a good way, of course.

  7. Ooo, I've been wanting to try a Primal Stip! I always get the Stonewall's Jerquee.

    The sundae looks good! I wish I could find a vegan bakery around here!

  8. Although it is getting colder out, I've been on a frozen dessert kick, too. That looks right up my alley about now :-)

  9. MMMM, how delicious! Kittee, I love how your MoFo logo is different in every post.

  10. I am jealous of your beautiful sundae. Since it wouldn't be mailable...I would take Primal Strip instead.

  11. kittee, can i have a seitan one? are there some?

  12. ngya!!!!! want to be there! give us one of your vegan bakeries please now and quit hoggin them all and while you're at it we need some of the coconut ice cream stuff too now please!

  13. I'm in love with your sundae - it looks AMAZING!

  14. hey kittee,
    i went there with a gluten-free (i mean, XgfX) friend who inquired about what was ok for her to eat, and he said the truffles and the cheesecakes were always gluten-free! i think he mentioned something else, too, but they were out of it that day..?


  15. i would have eaten it all too. nice job on the caramel. wow.


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