Sunday, October 11, 2009

Resist the Cupcake Resist.

I wanted to whip up some cupcakes to donate to Food Fight's benefit movie night today, but I didn't have a lot of time. In the process of zipping and zooping around my tiny kitchen, I learned a new cupcake technique.

Remember those crayon resist drawings you did in primary school? Ya' know, the ones where you drew all over paper with crayons, then brushed brightly colored paint over the entire thing? Today, I converted this same technique to cupcakes.
First I baked a dozen chocolate cupcakes. Then I whipped up some blackberry fluffy filling, which was just non hydrogenated shortening blended with powdered sugar and homemade blackberry freezer jam. I injected the cupcakes with the fluffy stuff using a pastry bag, then did a quick microwave ganache. When I dipped the cupcakes into the molten chocolate, the ganache repelled over the center of the cuppers, where the fluffy filling was, and I ended up with a "resist" effect.
The blackberry filling looks loose in these photos, but it actually firmed up quite nicely in the fridge, pre-ganaching.

Fluffy soft centered chocolate cupcakes covered in an al dente chocolate topping are my kind of thing. I mean, they would be my kind of thing if I could eat them. With more time, I'd like to try these XgfX.


P.S. Herbstonne is getting Primal Strip #5, who wants six?


  1. wow, pretty!
    I like the idea of blackberry filling. Blackberry + chocolate is under-explored in my repotoire. Note to self.


  2. i totally remember the crayon resist drawings from kindergarden and grade school - i had forgotten about those.... applying the technique to cuppies = brilliant, kittee! they look oh-so scrumptious 'n bursting with awesomeness, and i just love the combination of super yum flavors. mmmmmmmm!

  3. Those look really, really good. I remember using the resist technique in a college pottery class.

  4. Ooh, I like that technique, and the blackberry/chocolate combination. I hope you get to try one of those cupcakes yourself soon!

  5. I ate one of those mighty fine cupcakes and it was pretty darn delicious!!!!

  6. That blackberry filling is killing me. I must try it!

    All your talk about Primal Strips, I bought a soy one yesterday. The hickory smoked is so good!

  7. Good gravy, those look delicious! Thanks for sharing the new technique!

  8. Mmmm cupcakes! I haven't had a cupcake for ageeeees. And yours sound so yummy!
    (can you believe vegan mofo is nearly half way over already?!)

    I'd love number 6 :D

  9. Those cupcakes sound fantastic--blackberries and chocolate?! Yum!

    I would love to try the primal strips :-)


  10. Ooooh - so so hot! I have blackberries in my freezer so I can see this getting tried out at some point!

  11. Damn ya'll Portlanders and your Food Fight cupcake parties. I'm so jealous. Someday, I'll make it there...some day...until then, I'll just drool over these cupcakes. Blackberry fluffy stuff and chocolate sound the match ever!

  12. What a great idea! Imagine rainbow colors underneath...mmmm!

  13. i want to eat one of those! i don't understand the resist technique, but I like the way it looks. and I would just LOVE a primal strip. the limey one is my favorittte!

  14. Yum that looks great!I never combined blackberry and chocolate. I have to try it!
    I'd like a primal strip too!

  15. These look amazing! So pretty, and the flavors sound so delicious!


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