Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gravy is Power

I recently dropped off my Papa Tofu master to have more copies run, which put me in the mood for zine research. Stolen Sharpie Revolution is a great little resource if you're interested in writing your own zine.

After I re-read through my copy, I zipped over to Etsy to see what else might inspire me. How about a nice little vegan zine roundup courtesy of my search?

Vegan de Guadalupe Cookzine. The cover alone is worth the cost.
Vegans are Easy
Peace to All Creatures--also available for less moolah as a PDF download.
Cooking with Compassion
Simple Sal has lots of issues!
Underwater Cigarettes #3 has vegan holiday recipes.
Kenileigh has a couple o' different vegan recipe zines. She's no MoFo, but I'm gonna give her blog some love anyway.
My pal, Jessica of GasTank fame, is offering up her latest vegan dessert zine.
I'm dying for a copy of Bake Me a Cake. The illustrations do it for me.
This one is for You Thinkers.
Small Potatoes looks really cute too.

And while I'm at it, here's another cookzine review from my personal archives.
SpoonFight: Vegan Manual to Kitchen Terrorism
By: S. Chamberlain in Berkely, CA
Availability: N/A
Format: vertical half size / stapled spine
Size: 32 pages / 54 recipes

5 Recipes to Intrigue:
Hot PB Apple Shingles
Black and Blue Eyed Peas
Tomato Noodle Gluten Bomb
Quick Attack Lima Bean Soup
Sweet Potato Cannonballs

It changed my life: Basic Gluten Blueprint
No ranting, but lots of funny hostage jokes. Um, anyone seen the remote to my social filter?
SpoonFight was the 3rd or 4th zine I collected, I think I found it on the old Vegan Outreach website. This zine came out long before vital wheat gluten was available, so if you wanted seitan you had to make it from scratch, you couldn't even buy it pre-made. I remember the Basic Gluten Blueprint recipe really blew my brain, 'cuz I'd never before seen a seitan broth recipe that was tomato based instead of more of an Asian influence with kombu, broth, soy sauce ginger and garlic. It was pretty exciting to see such a recipe, y'know it opened up the possibilities.

If you missed me yesterday, I blogged over at Vegan Mofo Headquarters, a little XgfX roundup for the masses, if ya will. Trying to roundup 470 blogs into some kind of cohesive subject is no easy task. I encourage y'all to give it a shot yourselves!


P.S. Bank Breaker Jeni Treehugger is getting Primal Strip #8, , who wants the next one?


  1. I love that Vegan De Guadalupe zine too. That cover is the best!!

  2. oh man, i'd super love to write my own zine someday, and thanks for the rock'n shout-out on the mofo headquarters, kittee! you made me squeeeeeeeeeee. :) i loved all the gluten-free fantasticalness, and i learned about some new blogs, too. doublew00t!

    totally going to check out these zines - i'm thinking i need to ask for a few from my family for christmas or something. yay!

  3. Oooh, oooh, also! Cookin' with My Crawdaddy 1 & 2!
    I bought these a couple of months ago and I lovelovelove them!

    I picked up the original Gas Tank a little while ago because of you, and I'm super glad I did. It's awesome.

    LOVE you soooooo much.Knew my persistence would pay off!

  5. I can't imagine rounding up so many blogs...thank you!


  6. Nice! I bought a bunch of etsy zines after your last gas tank post. Love papa tofu!!!!

  7. Ohhhh the memories! You're right, the tomato base was mindblowing!

  8. dude, who do i have to bang to get one??

    is that wrong to say on your blog, should i erase it?

    love you!

  9. I love your compendium of vegan cookzines. I'm always looking for good ones, and these lists are such a great resource!


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