Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vegan Mofo III: Public Feed Info

I think I'm up to date getting everyone who wants to participate on this list. Please double-check to make sure you're on there with a link that takes you to the correct blog.

We've decided to set a deadline for joining the group's MoFo list, so if you want to participate, make sure you
comment here by October 2nd.

Also, I made a public RSS feed for this monster, y'know to help everyone keep up. Please check your blog on this feed list as well, to make sure your feed is working. If you want to read MoFo III in your own reader, Bloglines offers an export service (link on the bottom of the public feed), so you won't have to enter all of the blogs yourself.

For the Twittering MoFo population, please add #veganmofo or #vmofo so Tweeters can follow you. Also, Carrie made a twibe, so join up if you twplan to twparticipate.

The following feeds are giving me a headache, if you see this and can check 'em, that would be excellent:
Glue and Glitter (no feed for your blog exists)
It Ain't Meat (pics not working in feed)
Wok on the Wildside (feed error)

Also, I just remembered that there's a MoFo Flickr group.

So far 265 241 234 215 participants and countin'.



  1. Lookin' great, Kittee! Thanks for doing all the hard work!

  2. Hey Kittee! I just added a comment to the last post with my URL to be added in. In case you don't feel like lookin' there, here it is again: http://vegancrunk.blogspot.com

  3. kitee, I found rss pages for the three blogs that were giving you problems. However, I cannot seem to get into Zoey's Kitchen. The entries come up on bloglines, but I cannot access the page.

    Other than that, they all exported quite well into my Mobipocket reader.

  4. i'm up there now, thanks so much for organising all this, you champ!

  5. hey kittee, I figured I would post here so it didn't get lost in the hundreds of comments! I'd love to be on the list. http://www.bulletsoflove.blogsspot.com
    kamutflake's on board for mofo, oh oh o yes!

  6. hi Kittee! The feed for my site doesn't seem to be working. It may be because the food stuff is its own category, and I'm not sure if you can do a category-specific feed. The feed for my whole site is http://jenmccleary.com/feed/

    but I don't know if you want to include it since it will feed everything I post, not just the MOFO stuff. Up to you!

  7. awesome! thanks kittee!

    here's the link for where twitterers can join the twibe. (the rss link was so you could add the twibe to the public feed thing if you wanted to.)


  8. Hey Kittee I hope it's not too late to add a blog to the list!


  9. thanks for doing all this work!

    the photos aren't showing up on my feed, do you know what i do to fix this?

  10. Kittee, you are so awesome to tackle this mammoth project. Thank you!

  11. I switched my blogger feed to "full" instead of "short" which I hope will solve the problem. Failing that, I have no idea how to fix it. I'm not the most computery of people. :)

    J. (It Ain't Meat, Babe)

  12. Hi Kittee,

    It is working for me. Thank you for putting this together!

  13. i just want to say that Wok on the Wildside is a great name for a blog, and i am jealous of it.

  14. I left a comment on the original post, but I don't see my blog on the master list.

    Can you please add http://www.easyvegan.info to the list of VeganMoFoers?

    Thanks much!

  15. Thank you, Kittee! You are awesome.

  16. I think I fixed the problem. Will my blog appear in the reader now? Thanks!

  17. Hey, left my blog on your original post. But I don't see it on the list. In case you missed it!


  18. Kittee, Thanks for putting together the feed. What a fun way to spend my Sunday!

  19. Hi Kitee,
    thanks for all you do. we got the comment that you couldn't add us to bloglines so we added a link for bloglines in the upper right or our page.




  20. You are supervegan! Up, up and AWAY!!!!

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. hi, my post wouldnt publish on the mofo participant list. can you add me? http://veganetc.blogspot.com/


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